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Comment She-devil boss from hell (Score 2) 300

My IT manager at a local hospital was the worst manager that I have had in 30 years of work.

She was hired to try and increase the number of female managers in the hospitals IT department. She had NO IT experience.

She was a Major in the National Guard, so we were all treated like idiot privates.

I was given a task to rewrite some code that calculates drug dosages based on a large number of factors. Manager said this should only take a day or so. I told her it would take 6-8 days.
Day 3 and the manager is livid that I had not met her timeline and was making her look bad.
Day 6 and she wrote me up because I insisted on having our pharmacist test my code.
Day 8 and she writes me again and writes up the pharmacist because we were 'not doing our work correctly' and we were making her look bad. Oh, and testing is not needed if you know what you are doing, so I was to move my code from DEV to PROD immediately. I refused.

Day 12 and the pharmacy management team for the entire hospital is banging on the new CTO's door in support of the pharmacist and myself.

Day 12 my manager can no longer write up anyone without direct CTO involvement due to this issue and many others. But, the manager will be retained because of political reasons (hard to fire a female, gay, military vet).

For the next 5 years, this manager and I fought about timelines, testing and IT practices and procedures.

In the end, I quit.

Months later, I get a call from my former manager letting me know that she had changed my exit status to 'do not rehire' from 'ok to rehire'. Tried to fight, but the hospital has access to more and better lawyers than I can hire.

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