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Comment Re: Worldwide news are always US only. (Score 1) 256

Fractional values are easier to come by with measurements divisible by 2, 3, 4, or 6 than with measurements that are only divisible by 2 or 5. Liquid measures are mostly divisible by various powers of 2: two tablespoons in an ounce, eight ounces in a cup, two cups in a pint, two pints in a quart, four quarts in a gallon. (Three teaspoons in a tablespoon is the exception.)

Comment Re:I want to like Donald. (Score 1) 268

I hate Hillary with a passion, but any sentence out of Trump's mouth makes her look like Gandhi in comparison.

Such as, "At this point, what difference does it make?" Oh, wait...

How about, "Who's going to find out? They're trash...nobody's going to believe them!" (That was Hillary, talking about the women her lecherous husband has assaulted over the years.)

"Yeah, I got him off. So what? Who cares? We got the evidence thrown out, so he walked. I mean, sure, we knew he did it, but it didn't matter." (That was Hillary, talking about a child rapist she helped avoid charges.)

"I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train, and raise children. Parents have a secondary role." (That was Hillary in It Takes a Village.)

Do I need to continue?

Comment Moo (Score 1) 326

At home: Core i5 4690K, 16 GB RAM, two 256GB SSDs (one boots Gentoo, the other currently boots Windows 10), 750GB spinning rust, a Blu-ray burner, and 28" 4K monitor for the main desktop. Server's an A4-3300 with 10 GB RAM, a 256GB SSD that boots Gentoo, and 7.5 TB spinning rust. A couple of Raspberry Pis with LibreELEC drive the TVs from files on the server.

At work: Core 2 Quad Q6600 (it's old, but it's still reasonably quick for most things), 8 GB RAM, 256GB SSD that boots Windows 7, 750GB spinning rust, and a Radeon 6870 driving two 20ish" monitors (one at 1680x1050, the other at 1440x900). We're a charitable organization, so most of what's in my work computer is stuff that I didn't need at home any longer and donated (get to claim a tax writeoff on it). More recently, I brought in an Acer Aspire Revo 1600 that I no longer needed running a TV at's now a Gentoo box with a built-in SD-card reader that mostly gets used to back up and restore the Raspberry Pis we have scattered around the building as digital signage, web kiosks, etc.

Model Ms are on all the machines I work with directly. joe is my preferred editor for Gentoo and Cygwin, though Windows installs also get Notepad++. Linux IDEs all appear to be varying degrees of hot mess, but they've not really been necessary for the things I've knocked together under it. At work, Visual Studio is what pays the bills. Whether on computers, phones, or tablets, Chrome is preferred over SJWfox.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 237

Those TV shows from the '90s and earlier were most likely shot on film, not videotape. Telecine it at 1080p (or 4K, if you that now and downsample it to 1080p so you don't have to do it again when 4K video catches on) and you'll get more details out of the original content than ever aired on TV. That (and a bunch of other enhancements) was what happened for the Blu-ray release of Star Trek, for instance.

Comment Re: TMS9918 != MC6847 (Score 1) 96

Hmmm, now I'm intrigued... did the CoCo have the same wacky way of addressing pixels (1 bit per 7 pixels to select red+ blue or green+ purple, then 7 bits to select one or the other, or white if two adjacent pixels were set, and the Venetian-blind ram addressing)?

No, IIRC. It put all 8 bits on screen as pixels, and the 6847 used linear addressing. I seem to remember it didn't always give you the same colors; between two runs of the same program, you might get swapped colors that would be fixed by hitting Reset until they came up right.

This also meant that the CoCo's highest-resolution mode yielded only 4 colors, vs. the 6 that you'd get with the Apple II. (To be completely fair, the oldest Apple II motherboards ignored the high bit and also only produced 4 Hi-Res colors, but this was fixed fairly early on...almost certainly by the time the II+ was released.)

Comment Re:good code too (Score 2) 74

Want to drive a fre grad programmer nuts? have him convert celcius to Farenheit and Kelvin with 4 decimal places of accuracy using only integer math on an 8 bit micro, no you can not use ANY libraries at all, and you need to do it in less than 6 lines of code.

Depends on the architecture. Try doing that in less than 6 lines when you don't have multiply or divide instructions in the CPU. You might not necessarily need to code up general-purpose multiply and divide routines (especially if you're dealing with constants...multiply by 9 with three left shifts and an add, for instance), but I suspect there are few (if any) 8-bit architectures that will do what you want within your constraints. The 6502 certainly won't.

Comment Re:The World Of The Future: You Own NOTHING (Score 1) 75

And I admit, I know a Gen Xer with the same attitude - he prefers digital over physical all the way because the digital only clogs small hard drives, while the physical creates clutter in the house.

I might be in the same boat. I'd rather have my music/movies/TV shows on a relatively small server (and backed up to a couple of binders full of BD-Rs in my office desk) than sprawled across lots of shelves.

At some point, I'd also like to digitize the books I have and thin out that collection considerably...probably only keep those which are autographed, or which have some other sort of special connection. I picked up a book scanner a while ago, but the initial firmware release definitely has issues that need to be resolved.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi & OSMC (Score 1) 226

The no-name 30" TV in the bedroom (purchased in 2013) doesn't do HDMI-CEC at all. The 55" Toshiba in the living room (purchased in 2011) does, but its included remote is rather horrid for long-term use and its HDMI-CEC connectivity is a bit flaky anyway. I bought Bluetooth dongles and Playstation 3 remote controls for my media players (each is a Raspberry Pi running LibreELEC); they work pretty well with Kodi.

Comment Re:Whut? (Score 1) 365

Yet my new car insists on it before it will start and it's uncomfortable to me because I'm not used to it.

That's not exactly a new first car required the same, and it was a 1980 model. Clutch safety switches have been around since the '70s. I would expect they've been pretty much a universal feature of manual-transmission cars and trucks at least as long as I've been driving (got my first license in 1989).

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