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Comment Why do you need to send the POS back? (Score 1) 55

Seriously, they know I bought one of the devices. Why do I need to take my time to package the thing and send it back.
Just send me a replacement. The SN of the unit is registered and you have to provide that to get the replacement.

But they want me to print out a shipping label, package the old defective DO NOT USE one back.

Comment Re: Top priority? Always? (Score 1) 146

Not being smug at all. I've had my medical (hospital) information, insurance (2 different insurance companies), 3 credit card companies hacked over the period of the last 2 years and each time, they always say the same thing. Security is our top priority , but then you find out it really wasn't. They were doing unsecure processes which is how they got hacked, had been warned about their practices etc...

I have no choice if I use these services (other than to not get medical, insurance and use a credit card), and no control over their lack of security.

In this case, it looks like the hack didn't actually pull any data, but how many times has the scope of the hack been under reported or not reported at all for a long time only to find out that really is not what happened.

Comment Re:EULA Escape? (Score 2) 72

FTC is getting them for false advertising, has nothing to do with the EULA. This is the federal government suing not the consumer.

The issue is they are saying their products are secure when they have many vulnerability outstanding that should be easy to fix and they have not. So they are not safe to use.

Comment Original Article was pretty short (Score 4, Insightful) 320

Other than it being announced after the Election, there doesn't seem to be anything political in the announcement.

Sales are down on vehicles made at those two plant and they are cutting the Third Shift at both plants.
Nothing about moving production elsewhere or even discontinuing the two other shifts at both plants.

The added on Anonymously section to the /. article is where the politics are injected with a reference to Trump and his proposed tariffs on products made outside of the US by US mgs.. which this story is not about.

Comment Re:I don't hate on systemd but this is really bad (Score 1) 508

Most of my linux servers don't have users on them so no big deal. I'll just make note not to do what the causes the bug which I don't normally do anyway until it is patched.

Compared to the Solaris telnet bug years ago which gave anyone using it without an account remotely instant root access. That was a big deal.

This is just a bug that needs to be patched like how many other bugs that come out on a regular basis that you can pretty much only do if you are already on the box..

Comment Imagine Grocery Shopping (Score 1) 120

I get these all the time and I give them bad reviews every time.

Imagine going to the grocery store and buying a weeks worth of groceries and after a couple days vendors and mfg's whom you never had any contact with for the groceries you just bought start sending you email to see how the product was, if it worked and to give the (always) a 5 star rating.

I get enough email as it is, I don't need to be spammed by the companies of the products I buy.

If a product stands out, I normally leave a product review, if it is something cheap and common many times not. I give more positive reviews than negative ones since if there is something wrong with the product I will have already contact the "vendor" or Amazon about it anyway.

Comment Like the CNN model (Score 3, Insightful) 87

Everything is BREAKING NEWS even if it happened yesterday or the day before. Reporting on incidents before there are any real known facts, having EXPERTS come on and speculate on what MIGHT have happened or not without anything to really base an opinion on yet.

Not really news... entertainment for many, boring and shut off for me.

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