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Comment Re:The real reason the Euro is BAD NEWS (Score 1) 1162

We've had to save your butts from the Germans two times already WWI, and WWII.

Right. And what has been done to make this wouldn't be necessairy anymore in the future?
It started with the European cooperation on coal and steel, later became the European Economic Community, next the European Community and it is now called "the European Union".
The whole political reason the EU exists is to avoid a forth war between France and Germany (1870, WW-I and WW-II) by 'interlocking' the two countries economically.
The latest phase into this process (which now goes well into Eastern Europe, hopefully helping to avoid another civil war ala Bosnia, Cosovo, etc.) is called "the Euro".

Perhaps, in a couple of years, we can return you the favor and use the euro to save the pound the next time people like Sorros tries to speculate on the fall of the pound! (As he did when it was forced to leave the EMS).

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne?

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