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The Headaches of Cross-Platform Mobile Development 197

snydeq writes "Increased emphasis on distinctive smartphone UIs means even more headaches for cross-platform mobile developers, writes Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister, especially as users continue to favor native over Web-based apps on mobile devices. 'Google and Microsoft are both placing renewed emphasis on their platforms' user experience. That means not just increased competition among smartphone and tablet platforms, but also new challenges for mobile application developers. ... The more the leading smartphone platform UIs differ from one another, the more effort is required to write apps that function comparably across all of them. Dialog boxes, screen transitions, and gestures that are appropriate for one platform might be all wrong for another. Coding the same app for three or four different sets of user interface guidelines adds yet another layer of cost and complexity to cross-platform app development."

Comment My recent experience (Score 1) 735

Well I haven't left my current employer but I recently moved a Heck of a lot closer and if you have a family or any kind of life outside of work that's important to you, do it. 1.5 hours a day is about what i saved and it adds up a ton! My life outside of work is so much better now, and that's the reason we should be working right?

Comment Re:I proudly live in SC (Score 1) 228

No, to your question, it was exactly what he said, you fit the description of someone they were looking for. Probably someone that just committed some type of violent crime in the area. Either that or your civil rights were violated by the officer. But if he were violating your rights he would have known it at would almost definitely not have stopped at taking your picture for the case file. The picture was most likely for if you decided to sue or claim that your rights had been violated, the officer could produce the picture along with the case regarding the person who you looked like and say, "your honor, it was reasonable for me to pull this man over because he fit the description of the carjacker, rapist, circle-k robber, etc. in these ways..."

I'm a cop and this is what my motivation would have been for taking your picture at the end of a stop like that.

Comment The big problem (Score 1) 228

This only allows prediction based on past crimes that are known to Law Enforcement. That means the successful criminals who commit crimes without them being noticed (like crimes that no one reports, drug dealing, prostitution, etc) will have even less of a chance of having police run across them.

Comment Re:It's a Unix system...I KNOW this! (Score 1) 228

All you would really have to do is "report" crimes in the other areas... "My car stereo was stolen on tuesday at 10:00 on the corner of X and Y" if these were in fact false, that would be feeding the computer false info, you just let the agency feed your info for you, no hacking needed and no paying street kids either.

Comment Re:Mostly because.... It sucked (Score 1) 236

Maybe you were frustrated because you are a programmer. From the basic information you provided about your experience that cause is as good as the other. But I do agree that it was really hard to use it was ALMOST intuitive and that is way more frustrating that knowing that you have to read a huge book to get it. The idea that the designer apparently thought it could just be figured out and didn't provide the kind of resources you'd really need.

Comment Re:They really need to figure out what they're doi (Score 1) 1017

I agree, is there some type of medical training for searching people? Or kids? I doubt it. Before I go any further, TSA do not qualify as Law Enforcement to me but... Law Enforcement officers undergo fairly sophisticated training for doing complete searches that don't have sexual overtones. So I would say that a cop would be a better choice than a Doctor, Just cause a Dr. is a Dr. doesn't mean you won't feel violated when they touch you, especially if it's not your doctor.

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