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Comment Re:? Questions.?? (Score 1) 376

Why is it ONLY Flash 9 based?

Because it uses Flex 2.

Why not download something locally that checks in for updates and new features only but runs locally? (Sometimes I require the ability to edit images in the field while only having a remote EDGE Cell Connection.)

Adobe invented AIR for this use case. There will be an AIR version that should probably do just this.

Why is it so DOG Slow?

Wasn't too bad for me. I would assume it's because their server is swamped since the headline is all over the net. Slashdotting++?

How do you turn on the decades-old proven standard Photoshop tool bars?

You don't. It's not a photoshop replacement. It's not meant to be a photoshop replacement.

Why does it require my images to be uploaded to be edited? (I do not want any of my copyrighted media to cross the line of possession demarcation.)

That's a privacy issue no doubt. But I'd assume that the server is doing a lot of the "photoshop" work. I doubt it's possible in Flex. So it needs the photos on the server to do that.

Does Adobe use retain share or gain any legal use of my uploaded images?

Maybe. They shouldn't but I wouldn't put it past them.

Am I the only one noticing this "service" appears to be only intended for amateurs in image manipulation?

Hopefully not since that's who it was designed for.

How is this ANY better than the FREE GIMP??

If you're a "non-rank non-amateur" it probably isn't. I don't find the GIMP particularly easy to use. I'd use this photoshop express tool to put a stack of photos up, quickly page through, crop and edit some of them and then share them with whomever I wanted to. But I'm pretty amateur in my needs. Still, that's the use case it's targetted for and I'd argue that for that particular case (upload, resize, crop, rotate, remove red eye, change saturation, publish to facebook) it's probably way easier and faster to use than the GIMP.

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