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Comment SSH Tunnel & SOCKS5 Proxy. (Score 1) 218

Having done the same thing myself, I used a pretty simple method that worked 100% of the time and I never had any trouble with disconnects or anything. You don't need a VPN if you don't have access to an easy ability to set one up, just set up an SSH tunnel to some box you have any access to anywhere and use it as a SOCKS5 proxy for your machine. Get your browser (or your entire machine if you want) to forward all internet traffic to your SSH tunnel and you can browse wherever you want. You can even use TOR over the proxy if you want, it'd be the equivalent of running TOR on the machine you're SSH'd over to. I did it using PuTTY and ProxyCap most of the time, worked like a charm, never got blocked or interrupted.

Comment Re:And the definition of "work"? (Score 1) 362

And, as you may have noticed, console games (aside from the wii) usually are subject to the same lame buggyness on release. That is the sole and most redeeming quality of the Wii on the console market, the games that you DO want, WILL work. Prior to this specific generation of consoles, all the games worked as much as there were ever going to when released, no patches, just lots of QA from the companies.

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