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Comment Why 18:9? (Score 2) 132

So I googled QHD (quad HD) and it has a base aspect ratio of 16:9.Ultra wide QHD has an aspect ratio of 21:9 (note that fraction isn't reduced either). This aspect ratio is in between 18:9. For some reason the smaller dimension seems to have stuck at 9 for QHD. Likely some marketing guy doesn't understand fractions. https://www.google.com/search?...

Comment Re:expanded (Score 1) 660

You can't say for sure whether any single shooting incident would be prevented by a given law. The same way that you can't say for sure that any given 100 degree day was caused by climate change.

However, you CAN say that laws restricting access to guns decrease the number of gun deaths. So says research.

Oh and we need to take guns away from people not just prevent their sale. The Democrats bills don't go far enough, but they are a start.

Comment Gun Control Laws Work (Score 1) 660

Gun control laws decrease shooting deaths, both homicides and suicides.

So says research and common sense.

If you don't care, then fine. Your rights are more important than (usually innocent) people's lives. But when you oppose gun control, you have blood on your hands.

As to the 2nd amendment? Stop holding it so sacrosanct. Don't forget that the 3/5 clause was part of the original constitution, too.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What is the best open document format?

kramer2718 writes: I am working on a project that requires uploading and storing of documents. Although the application will need to allow uploading of .docx, doc, .pdf, etc, I'd like to store the documents in a standard open format that will allow easy search, compression, rendering, etc. Which open document format is the best?

Comment Ph.D. Program? (Score 1) 280

You might consider a Ph.D. program. If your grades are good and you have the basics, and you can tell the department a good story, you can get admitted and get funding in many STEM disciplines.

You'll have to spend a long time getting your Ph.D., but if it's what you want to do, it may be worth it. You should probably choose a program that grants a Master's along the way so that if you don't finish, you'll have something to show for your time.

Comment Not Anti-Social If Done Properly (Score 1) 786

Software development is usually done in an anti-social way. You chunk up a release or backlog or whatever into features, each dev takes a feature and goes off and writes some code. Later there is some collaboration in testing, code reviews, troubleshooting, etc.

But that is a TERRIBLE way to do it. The wrong code gets written way too often. Designs are bad because people aren't contributing along the way. Requirements get missed because the developer makes an assumption that s/he didn't know was an assumption. The more eyes on the code at all times the better. Devs should be constantly communicating with testers and people who understand the business case (product owners). One way to do that is pair programming. It sounds like a waste of time, but it is actually faster. Silly mistakes get caught right away. Debugging goes faster. Another way to do that is to chunk the work into very small pieces and constantly communicate to integrate your tiny piece with the other devs' tiny pieces. This leads to clean interfaces and modular code.

The Cowboy Superhero model of software development only makes sense if you are the only one developing a project. And remember in that case, your code dies when you get hit by a bus (or kill your wife and go to prison).

Comment It isn't what you know. It's who you know. (Score 1) 479

Network. Go to career fairs. Meet the hiring manager. He needs talented software engineers. Teach yourself more modern technologies and get certified. I'm not usually a big fan of certifications as they don't usually show that someone knows how to program in a general sense, but your degree shows that.

I have a pretty ridiculous professional network. (Not bragging really. When you have done in-demand technologies and looked for jobs, the network comes to you.) Message me me and I can add you and perhaps even give you some introductions to recruiters.

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