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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 249

Sorry, but most cyclists in my town do not believe that traffic control signs or indicators have any bearing on bicycles. As far as they are concerned, the stop sign, the red light, etc. were only created after the number of cars hit a critical mass so they do not apply to bicycles. Now, of course the laws are written to include the bicycle but there's a movement to have the laws changed so that bicycles will be explicitly exempted from requiring to follow traffic rules, signs and indicators.

Myself, I've decided I'm all for it. Give them what they want since the police have stated they haven't the resources or inclination to enforce the laws against cyclists anyway and, maybe, just maybe, after a few have been killed by saying traffic laws don't apply to me they'll find out that traffic laws are really just a coding of a combination of common sense and physical laws.

Comment Re:it's simple (Score 1) 249

Well, again, in Vancouver, I live on a bike route, held up by our local city council ans one of the busiest bike routes in the city as it provides the main path from the downtown core to the suburb to the south of us. The city has very carefully defined these side streets as bike routes they've re-arranged the stop signs so that cars who's path crosses them must stop before crossing the bike route EXCEPT where they've replace the stop signs with a traffic calming circle. I live near one of those. Those intersections are supposed to be handled as an unmarked 4 way stop. They've also posted a 30 Kmph speed limit on the bike routes where the rest of the city is 50 Kmph. So what do I see at this intersection where there's a posted speed limit and it should be treated as an unmarked 4 way stop?

The bicycles ignore the speed limit, easy to do near my house since there's a downhill grade. In fact, the cyclists are pedalling for all their worth to see how fas they can go. Then they hit the traffic calming circle. Since every other cross street has a stop sign they just carry on as if there was a stop sign there so the cyclists pay no attention to the proper right of way rules. Saw a lovely pile up last year when there was a bit of frost on the road. There was no way for the cyclists to control their bicycles as they went around the traffic calming circle and they ended up in a tangled mass at the base of a street tree. They probably wouldn't have crashed if they'd kept to the speed limit.

My point is that the majority of cyclists do not respect the rules of the road because they have no requirement to learn them in order to use a bicycle. Even if they do know them because they also have a real drivers license they know that the police department has been told not to enforce traffic laws against bicycles (confirmed by polling the local community police offices who have stated that the bike route speed limits are not meant to apply to bicycles).

In other words , why is anyone questioning whether something that a cyclist does is smart or not, or right or not. In most communities they've been given carte blanche to do as they will, when they will, where they will simply on the belief that they'll be saving us from the ravages of green house gases produce by cars. The roadie scholar's attitude about responsibility in bicycle accidents is just another expression of that contempt that the typical cyclist seems to have not only for cars but pedestrians as well.

(@admins: there you go an obviously negative comment with my name on it. Its all the truth, it's how I feel and if you still feel the need to ban me from responding as a AC because I haven't the time or inclination to read all the attempts to defend the counter to these positions than I might still read the site but I'll never bother to respond. If you don't like to see bad news printed in your comments then I hope you'll be happy in your mutual appreciation society but real discourse needs two sides to be meaningful.)

Comment too little, too late (Score 0, Redundant) 196

Canonical has already shown it's stripes as the Microsoft of the Linux world, ignoring the voices of their users, covertly collecting data about them and bullying others into accepting their standards.

No, there's no way to undo the damage, Mark Shuttleworth. Your hand 's been played and you cannot take the cards back.

Comment Re:The best way to make cycling safer (Score 2) 947

All of those requirements are easily gotten around just by riding on the sidewalk. That's what they do here.

More interesting are some towns in Europe that are eliminating sidewalks and all the extraneous traffic control signs and pavement markers. Apparently with all the distractions gone and everyone on feet and wheels sharing the same space there's a lot more paying of attention and a lot fewer accidents.

Comment Re:Bike lanes... (Score 1) 947

Who are you? What do you think you're doing stealing my complaints? Are you my evil twin, Skippy?

No, you can't be because you didn't mention the fact that the cyclists also use people's front yards as impromptu BMX tracks. Or, that they'll run over your dog and just ride away without a care.

I think we might as well repeal the traffic code sections that refer to bicycles. Such a move would solve part of my blood pressure problem. Having no rules to follow would remove my expectation that they follow the rules or that someone might be called to enforce such laws.

There are cyclists that aren't bad apples? Where?

Comment Re:Scary (Score 2) 396

Thats' correct, SCOTUS decided that the ACA was not a fee driven system but a tax driven system so it was within the government's domain to impose such a system. The only thing that everyone should remember was Obama's no new taxes rallying cry that got him elected. Turns out it wasn't true. Oh wait, he's a politician, so we don't have to be surprised. do we?

Comment Affrordable housing (Score 2) 109

Best pay attention to that "affordable housing" philosophy happening in Oakland. We're suffering the same process here in Vancouver, Canada. Whole neighbourhoods of single family homes are planned to be demolished to make room for 8 story and higher apartment towers. The main problem is that when you're planning to rebuild whole neighbourhoods, it's not sufficient to just build as lots become available by buying out the owners or as the older owners die or move into seniors care. We've already had some properties expropriated from their owners to make their land available to the developers building the new apartments. Make sure this is clear, this is not expropriation for projects for the common good but expropriation to help a developer make money under the guise of "sustainable and affordable" development.

Look up ICLEI, and how it's directing the community planning policies in your area. If you're in one of the brighter areas that have withdrawn from ICLEI, make sure your by-laws and zoning policies have been cleared of the ICLEI influence.

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