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Comment Discount for slashdot folks (Score 1) 150

We've had a very significant discount for HN readers for years and we'd be happy to extend that to /. readers. Just email and ask.

Really happy to be here - I am not sure why I am labeled as "new submitter" since I have been a slashdot user for ... 15 years ?

Happy to answer any questions about our service here as well.

Submission + - ZFS Replication to the Cloud is Finally Here ... and it's Fast (

kozubik writes: Jim Salter at arstechnica provides a detailed, technical rundown of ZFS send and receive and compares it to traditional remote syncing and backup tools such as rsync. He writes: "In mid-August, the first commercially available ZFS cloud replication target became available at Who cares, right? As the service itself states, If you're not sure what this means, our product is Not For You. ... after 15 years of daily use, I knew exactly what rsync's weaknesses were, and I targeted them ruthlessly."

Submission + - Unveils Cloud Storage with ZFS send and receive over SSH (

kozubik writes: "We moved to ZFS for our platform in 2012 but our supported protocols remained typical SSH apps like rsync or SFTP or duplicity. We now support native ZFS send and receive to and from our cloud storage accounts."

As the page suggests, "If you're not sure what this means, (their) product is Not For You."

Comment Re:Co-Locate - hurricane electric (Score 1) 225

Please consider hurricane electric ( - they have been a great contributor to the community (with their servers and their free ipv6 tunnels, etc.) and their bandwidth is $1/megabit.

$600/mo for a full cabinet and 100 megabits/s of bandwidth. And it's not some lame fly by night ... I highly recommend them.

Comment Re:Who can blame them? (Score 5, Interesting) 203

Not all providers are based in a single nation.

Amazon, for instance, has AWS locations around the world, although that probably doesn't help you much given their track record.

But (I am the founder) has storage locations in Zurich and Hong Kong, in addition to the US. These sites are protected, just like the US sites, by the Warrant Canary:

So while I agree that everyone in the world should be wary of USA PATRIOT, it's not a given that non-US consumers have to avoid US providers across the board.

Comment Free accounts for shell logins (Score 2) 123

If you have an shell account, we would like to gift you a lifetime free account for the purposes of backing up, and parking, the contents of that shell account.

I have never had an shell, but between rsync and tar+gpg+ftp you should be able to quickly and easily dump the contents of your shell to an account.

Just email and we'll set this up for you. FWIW, this is a continuation of our efforts to support the work being done by Jason Scott, the "Archive Team" and the safeguarding of digital history, generally.

Comment Free Speech or Stone Age (Score 3, Interesting) 840

The Egyptian authorities have the ability to shut down free speech in 2011, but turning off the Internet is not enough - they must completely halt modern commerce.

Since they are not, as far as I can imagine, performing mass jamming of the 2.4ghz spectrum, anyone with a laptop and "wi-fi" connectivity has everything they need to conduct insurrection. This concept is known as "Free Speech or Stone Age":

Unless you remove the general purpose tools of modern commerce, filtering (or even disabling) the Internet will not stop speech.

Comment Built on standards vs. interoperates with them (Score 1) 141

I couldn't care less what the cloud, or SAS, or software is running _on_. What I care about is whether or not it provides open, standards-based interoperability.

Does Amazon s3 run on linux or bsd or WIndows ? I don't know, but I do know that I can't just connect over plain old SFTP or WebDAV without major gimmickry and transformation. (FWIW, providers like do, in fact, allow direct, standards based interaction, so it's not impossible).

On the other hand, another cloud-like provider might run on a completely closed source, proprietary foundation, but if it provides plain old standards based interaction from the outside, who cares ?

Comment Free Speech or Stone Age (Score 1) 232

I began writing this short piece a year or two ago, titled "Free Speech or Stone Age": The current events in Iran are a perfect illustration of two competing memes: the (mistaken) notion that a state can completely suppress anonymous free speech while maintaining a modern economy, and the (surprising to some) notion that that is impossible. Many Iranians (and even many Americans) may not realize it, but arbitrary, anonymous free speech on any subject is currently available in Iran, as well as China, etc. This is a fact. Only by freezing all international travel, confiscating all general purpose computing devices, and outlawing/jamming all standardized wireless network protocols could Iran possibly hope to curtail this speech.

Comment Re:just choose your favorite project (Score 1) 299

Please consider these two FreeBSD related bounties:

(vmware 6.x working on a modern FreeBSD release)


Both of these items are long overdue to be fixed - having a modern version of vmware working on FreeBSD is essential to many, many developers and engineers, and because so much of the web now requires a recent version of flash to _use at all_ it is imperative that there be a method to use flash9 on a native FreeBSD browser.

I encourage everyone that is interested in FreeBSD on the desktop to look into supporting these bounties.

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