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Submission + - Can FLOSS development be more inclusive and sane? 1

Can't Sleep! writes: "One thing that could be said about Free/Libre and Open Source projects (FLOSS), is that if you build it, they might not necessarily come, and if they do, they might find the gates closed!
What I would like to ask the /. community, since many of you have served as committers or code contributers to FLOSS projects, is to share your experience in managing and contributing to FLOSS projects.

For the contributors among you:
Assuming that you know how to program, do you find any further impediments contributing patches to a FLOSS community? does the source code organization? helpfulness of current contributors/committer? documentation? or any other factors come into play? Do you find your self sometimes saying, I want to help, but in practice, find that it is impossible to do so? Have you ever showed up to code sprint, only to do nothing, or work on trivial documentation? I would very much appreciate your point of view on the matter to understand what might be wrong, and what would be the solution to making FLOSS development more inclusive?

For the committers among you:
Let me know if this sounds familiar: You find your self overwhelmed with all the requests for assistance (users and developers alike), not to mention the time spent modifying the code contributed by someone, which you could have spent much less time rewriting from scratch than fixing.
Are these problems all too common? What is your experience and solution for making the life of a committer less hectic? and if this problem is all too common, do you think there is a chance of making the development process more inclusive? In addition, what would you say to the complaints of the contributors about: code organization, documentation, helpfulness, and any other factors that might have prevented them from contributing patches. Are these legitimate complaints? Can something be done about it? Or are committers simply too busy?

Please make clear when responding, whether you bring the experience of a committer, or a contributor."

Submission + - A Theory on IBM's Sun Buyout (twothirty.am)

koutbo6 writes: "My theory is that IBM bid for SUN without the intention of buying them out because there is so much overlap in their business. The plan is to make IBM's foes (Cisco and Oracle) pay more for SUN, making them less effective in their competition with IBM after the buyout since they would have less capital resources. My prediction is that Sun get's bought out by Oracle or Cisco for no less than $8 Billion. http://twothirty.am/blog/2009/04/06/ibm_sun_buyout_theory/"

Submission + - Is SourceForge market place working for you?

koutbo6 writes: Source Forge Marketplace seems to be a logical evolutionary step for FLOSS communities in which the Give Away the Recipe, Open a Restaurant Model is streamlined, or at least Source Forge Inc. would like to think so. Is this a situation where if you build it they will come? Can something that is as complex as software services be sold easily in a marketplace (EMH anyone?)? is the marketplace working for any buyers or sellers out there?

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