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Comment I RTFA (Score 2) 137

After reading the original paper (I know - what was I thinking), it appears the test setup is as follows:
- has two inputs, let's call them DATA and KEY. DATA is a 16-bit value.
- has one output, let's call it ENCRYPTED DATA

- has two inputs, let's call them ENCRYPTED DATA and KEY.
- has one output, let's call it DECRYPTED DATA

- has one input, let's call it ENCRYPTED DATA
-has one output, lets call it DECRYPTED DATA

In short, they test to see how may bits out of the DECRYPTED DATA paths match the DATA path. Each test utilized a new KEY and DATA. Over time, A and B learned how to use the KEY successfully to hide the DATA value from C while B could successfully reproduce DATA at it's DECRYPTED DATA output.

Link to the abstract (.pdf is available for download):

Comment Re:Queue Monty Python (Score 1) 99

Great Barrier Reef: I'm not quite dead yet!
Global Warming: 'Ere, he says he's not dead.
News Outlets: Yes he is
Great Barrier Reef: I'm not
News Outlets: Well, he will be soon, he's very ill
Great Barrier Reef: I'm getting better
News Outlets: No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment.

Fixed it for you. Sensational stories drive clicks.....

Comment Re:affirmative action (Score 3, Insightful) 149

I have no problems if the scales are tipped, just so long as they are in my favor.

If you want to be fair, instead of "order by score, race", you should "order by score, random". Ordering by race is racism plain and simple. Why not sort by shoe size? The answer is simple: shoe size (for most jobs) does not apply when analyzing for job qualifications. Your job qualifications are (mostly) not dependent on the color of your skin (with exceptions such as actors).

To help those out with a lack of understanding - Racisim(2): racial prejudice or discrimination.

Comment Re:Where to now? (Score 1) 314

If you are talking cell service, you might consider checking out Google Fi.

While I don't exactly like that I have to buy a specific phone, I have been pleased with the coverage area + cost. I used to have an area on my drive I called the "Verizon dead spot". After switching over, I haven't had issues with consistent dropping calls.

After you get past the phone expense, the price/month isn't bad: $20+data+taxes.

Submission + - Explosion at SpaceX launch facility at Cape Canaveral

oobayly writes: The Independent reports of an explosion at SpaceX's Cape Canveral launch facility. According to NASA they were testing one of the Falcon 9 rockets recovered from a barge landing.

Buildings several miles away were shook by the blast, and people nearby reported that multiple explosions continued for several minutes. After the explosion the sky was filled with dark smoke and sirens could be heard.

No comment from either SpaceX or Elon Musk yet, but it'll be interesting to see reaction from them (and SES), especially in light of their announcment regarding the upcoming SES 10 launch.

Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 2) 537

I can't say for certain, but if it is an old house - the construction materials used could be causing the issue.

The house I live in (built in the 1930s) has a metal mesh backing behind the plaster. The metal backing is acting as a Faraday cage (which causes all sorts of wireless signal issues). I have also heard thick plaster can cause signal issues, but I can't confirm it.

Comment Re:SJW much? (Score 4, Insightful) 819

I would argue that there is a shortage of programmers

If there is a shortage of programmers, why are salaries for programmers not climbing? If an industry is in a labor shortage, the price of labor should increase as well to attract more workers to the field. This "shortage" is only one created by employers failing to raise wages.

If programmers made on average $1M/yr, you would see the field saturated with new programmers. As far as the "skilled" programmers - that's another discussion entirely,

Comment Re:Autonomous "Driving" needs to be truly driverle (Score 5, Insightful) 247

Expecting a driver to take control in a failure scenario is not a solution.

Why not, that is the design philosophy for airliners made in the past 30 years and their pilots who operate them. Sit and babysit the machine for 99.99% of the time; then jump in ready to go for the 0.01% of the time the situation is beyond the programming of the software. (In which case the software 1) does wrong thing. 2) just shuts-down while displaying a message to the pilots to let them know that, suddenly, THEY are flying the plane.)

The problem with this is that when an airline pilot is forced to take control, they probably have MINUTES before any real issue will arise.

They are asking car drivers to take over when there are possible issues within SECONDS (possibly less).

Comment Re:artificial sweeteners spike insulin (Score 4, Informative) 630

Performing a quick search - Aspartame does NOT induce an insulin response:
From the abstract "The indicated increased clearance rate of plasma Phe after albumin may be caused by the significant increase of insulin, on which aspartame had no effect."

Could you cite your source where Aspartame does induce an insulin response?

Comment Re:Player Piano....... (Score 1) 285

I agree with one exception - there is no way the government will be paying people just for living in the country. That would be a "welfare state" and be deemed evil by too many political elite.

I expect something more along the lines of the movie Elysium (without the space base). A stark separation of the upper class from everyone else.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 387

Subjects with high levels of testosterone behave pretty much like savages animals, I have witnessed such cases.

Are you saying that you are a medical doctor and have analyzed the testosterone levels of this group of males? If not, you are merely making an assumption that these cases are due to high testosterone levels in the males in question.

I do not condone trying to take a woman by force. Until you have actually done the research to back your statements up, I will be left to wonder about other factors (such as bad parenting and poor role models).

Comment Re:Local testing works? (Score 1) 778

So enforcing some kind of minimum price floor on wages, and severely punishing those who pay less? Would that do it?

Full enforcement of the minimum wage would allow businesses to properly compete. There would still be issues with employment and wage stagnation.

By increasing the number of workers in a region that are qualified for a given position, the employer will not need to pay as much (at least to the minimum wage floor). It also will increase the unemployment rate in the region if there aren't enough jobs.

IMHO having an environment where business have to compete for workers is far better than having an environment where workers have to compete for employment.

Comment Re:Local testing works? (Score 5, Informative) 778

Are you suggesting that there's a huge amount of US workers just waiting to pick fruit and plant pine trees?

I would say for for a thousand bucks an hour, you'd have people lined up around the bloc to pick fruit and plant pine trees. (1000$/hr is a silly high wage, but it makes a point that higher wages will drive workers to a job)

The problem is that with the glut of ultra-cheap labor, the wages for picking fruit and planting pine trees has not increased enough to drive workers to these jobs. When a business utilizes the ultra-cheap labor, the only way for other businesses to match their competitor's prices is to also utilize the ultra-cheap labor. Businesses following the rules will struggle to get by and possibly close down - being unable to cut costs as much as the businesses that aren't playing by the rules.

Unless the government steps in and severely punishes the use of illegal immigrant labor, the problem will persist.

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