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Comment Re:I swear.... (Score 1) 756

I see your point of view and can accept that that's how you view things and choose to live your life. For me there is too much generalizing going on in your comment for my taste. Just because someone is from sierra leone I am not going to refuse to go to their business because they could be on the wrong side of a horribly bloody civil war. I won't refuse to frequent the business of a catholic just because there are some who abuse children. And I won't hold an athiest accountable because some idiot who also doesn't believe in God decided to burn down some churches.

You have a lot of examples that don't hold weight for me in your argument, though if you have a restaurant in your neighborhood where the owner will stone your wife because he has impure thoughts about here then I would definitely say you should not go in there (and should probably contact authorities, and possibly move).

But I hope you can see that you are generalizing groups of tens of millions of people, who may only have a couple things in common, down to a stereotype to be discriminated against. If I were to live the way you are talking about then I would definitely not visit any business owned by you (because I don't want to support your way of thinking) and since I know nothing about you except that you post on slashot I think I should not support anyone who is on slashdot.

This all comes down to pretty core beliefs and I don't expect anything I say will change what you believe. I guess I just needed a quick break from work to post some thoughts.

Comment Re:I swear.... (Score 4, Insightful) 756

"*To those of you who are going to whine or mod me down for saying that, take a look at yourself before you open your mouth (or type the words). Do you not go to some place(s) because of their corporate policies, working conditions, charities they give to, etc? If so, one word describes you: hypocrite."

I could care less what businesses you do or don't frequent and your reasons for doing so. I also wouldn't have thought twice about responding to you except that you seem to be saying that not buying something from Nike because they exploit children is just as valid as not eating at the locale spaghetti restaurant because the owner believes in the flying spaghetti monster.

Now if that restaurant put a picture of the flying spaghetti monster on every menu, and had a prayer before serving your meal then fine, but discriminating who you will do business with based purely on the beliefs of the person(s) at the top (again where those beliefs aren't aimed at directly harming you or anyone else) is just silly prejudice.

If you go to any chick-fil-a restaurant you will not see any mention of God, there will be several employees who have their own (dis)beliefs that differ from those of the owners, and the only way you would know that there is any mention of God on a corporate level is if you do as you did and go searching for their mission statement. Do you really believe it's such a terrible thing that they want to run their business in such a way that it matches the moral values laid out by their religion? I don't hold the same beliefs as they do but i can respect what they are doing.

Again you are totally free to do as you wish, but don't act so high and mighty and treat your close minded prejudice as being the same as a peaceful protest against people/corporations that are practicing harmful and exploitative practices.

Comment Re:Obligatory YouTube Link... (Score 2, Interesting) 404

I agree that the video is good, however be careful not to have a false sense of knowledge just because you watched it. The video shows that there is too much for a common person to understand and thus they should let the lawyers help them make decisions in legal matters. Your statement:

"Furthermore, while cops can use anything you say AGAINST you in a court of law, if you ask them to repeat something you said that would help your case, that would be heresay, and therefore can not help you."

shows that while you have gained a small amount of knowledge on the matter from the video, you don't fully understand all the implications. For example hearsay is anything that is said (or written) outside of court that directly asserts the truth being tried in the case. Whether it's good or bad for you doesn't matter, it's related to what's being asserted in the case, so just because something is said that can help your case doesn't make it hearsay. Also just because something is hearsay doesn't mean that it can't be used in court.

Any way this is just to demonstrate that there is a ton to know about the laws and if you have any doubt then you should get a lawyer. But again I do agree that this video is good at making you afraid to talk without a lawyer which is generally in your best interest.


Submission + - Adobe dumps HD-DVD for Blu-Ray

Miti writes: "The media wars have taken a sharp turn as Adobe's latest software Premiere Elements package; version 6 will only support export options for Blu-ray rather than HD DVD. Adobe spokesman says that he is not sure why the company wont support the next gen format. However industry sources say that Adobe has cracked under pressure from Sony a close partner who ships all its Vaio PC's with Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Want different controls for Lair? Pick up a PSP 1

kosanovich writes: Lair has been bashed by almost every reviewer because of the mandatory use of the sixaxis control and its poor implementation. The folks over at ps3fanboy have found a work around. Apparently if you own a PSP and have Lair in your PS3 you can fire up the remote play feature and play Lair on your PSP (they have a video of it in action). Since there is no motion control on the handheld you are stuck using the analog stick to control the dragon and early reports are that it's a much more enjoyable experience. So with good graphics, good audio, an enjoyable story line and this new control scheme this game may be worth playing.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PS3: To 60GB or not to 60GB, that is the question! (

scolen2 writes: With Sony's announcement that they have shipped all remaining 60GB playstions there is one very importaint question. To buy a 60GB PS3 or wait for the new revision. Since the 60GB is the last that contains the emotion chip, no further PS3s will have close to 100% backwards compatability, however i've heard these games look horrible since they aren't anti-aliased when scaled up to HD. So could the new software emulated PS3s look better, and will there be enough support of past games to make it worth waiting?

Submission + - UCLA Probe Finds Taser Incident Out Of Policy (

Bandor Mia writes: Last November, it was reported that UCLA cops Tasered a student, who forgot to bring his ID, at the UCLA library. While an internal probe by UCLAPD cleared the officers of any wrongdoing, an outside probe by Police Assessment Resource Center has found that the police actions on Mostafa Tabatabainejad were indeed out of UCLA policy. The probe was conducted at the behest of acting UCLA Chancellor Norman Abrams.

From the report:
"In light of UCLAPD's general use of force policy and its specific policies on pain compliance techniques, Officer 2's three applications of the Taser, taken together, were out of policy. Officer 2 did not take advantage of other options and opportunities reasonably available to de-escalate the situation without the use of the Taser. Reasonable campus police officers, upon assessing the circumstances, likely would have embraced different choices and options that appear likely to have been more consistent both with UCLAPD policy and general best law enforcement practices."

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