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Comment Don't Believe the Hype (Score 0) 549

Apple is a new, trendy Microsoft but a little worse. I have used a Mac at work for a couple years now and I just don't understand the hype around these machines. Give me a PC I can dual boot into Windows 7 and Fedora, laptop in the same config and Symbian based phone and I am a happy man. I think this "model" will die if they continue this way. If your as old as I am you'll remember when IBM tried this "lock in" strategy in the eighties. That worked out real well for them....

Comment Re:Protecting Artists? Artists to Blame. (Score 1, Interesting) 439

OK, your point on theft is taken; it is legally different. But that still doesn't make it right to illegaly download something you don't have the right to use. It just irks me that so many people feel it is ok to rip off artists. Regardless of it being theft or not you are ripping off the people that made the music, software, etc. if you download it without paying for it. I am not saying this judgement was right, only that downloading the music and making it available to others is not right either. As for being a troll...just because I have a different view than most of the techno-hippies on /. does not make me a troll....

Comment Re:Protecting Artists? Artists to Blame. (Score -1, Troll) 439

Um, huh? Dude, it's THEFT. I just don't understand this outlook. It's called the music BUSINESS for a reason. Blame the artists? Should Best Buy be blamed if I walk in and steal some electronics? And should we blame Sony if the item I steal is a VAIO laptop? That makes NO sense....

Submission + - NVIDIA G92-Based GeForce 8800 GTS 512 Announced (

bigwophh writes: This past October, when NVIDIA announced the 65nm G92-based GeForce 8800 GT, there was much speculation that the company had more in store due to the odd number of stream processor partitions enabled in the GPU (it had only seven SP partitions for a total of 112). It seems that the speculation was warranted as NVIDIA has just launched a new G92-based GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB variant that has eight stream processor partitions enabled, for a total of 128, just like the flagship 8800 GTX and Ultra. The GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB, however, has only a 256-bit memory bus that cuts down on peak theoretical memory bandwidth. Ultimately though, the end result is a relatively low-power, more affordable product, with an interesting performance profile. In fact, despite a sub-$400 price tag, this card is faster than the high-end GeForce 8800 GTX in some instances.

Submission + - DOS vulnerability in Mac OS X ( 1

Technical Writing Geek writes: "For some, the infallibility of Apple's Mac OS X is so absolute that, despite reports that state the contrary, they continue to believe no harm can ever come. It is this sort of smug attitude that is the single greatest threat to the security of the platform. Choosing not to believe, or rather ignore, security experts is bad practice. But who knows? Every once in a while, the security vulnerabilities that those experts report could prove to be actual threats.

One such example is a new report by Heise Security stating that there is a newly-discovered denial of service vulnerability in Mac OS X, 10.4.11, 10.5 and 10.5.1 that can lead to kernel panics. The problem, according to the company, stems from an "integer overflow in the load_threadstack function in mach_loader.c when processing Mach-O binaries.""


Submission + - The US is a laggard: interview with Pfeffer (

neilgd writes: "Jeff Pfeffer, Business 2.0 columnist and Stanford professor, holds forth on sticking to the fundamentals: "The continual search for new and trendy ideas has created more harm and havoc than anything else, although it has probably moved a lot of books and magazines." ...the software industry: "I think the problem in the software industry is one that many high technology and, for that matter, low technology, companies share: contempt for the customer." ...the U.S. work environment: "The U.S. is a laggard: the only country in the world that has no mandatory vacations or sick days — all are offered at the discretion of employers; the only country where even unpaid maternity or family leave seems to leave employers feeling that this is all just too much. I could go on.""

Submission + - AT&T to Target Pirated Content on its Network (

Spamicles writes: "AT&T has joined with Hollywood studios and recording companies in trying to keep pirated material off its network. It started working with studios and record companies last week in order to develop new anti-piracy technology. AT&T is the United States' largest telephone and Internet service provider. It also operates the biggest cross-country system for handling Internet traffic for its customers and those of other providers. This cooperation of AT&T with Hollywood comes after AT&T has begun to sell pay TV services and movies."

Submission + - Dueling facts: Is telecommuting growing or not? (

coondoggie writes: "Anecdotally you know telecommuting is growing but many days when you get out on the road, it looks like that notion is bunk. And some of it just might be if you give a new study out today from the US Census Bureau much weight: despite rising fuel costs, 77% of commuters continue to drive their cars — alone — most of the time. The kicker is that the survey looks at 2005 figures -the latest it has — from U.S. Census Bureau American Community Service analysis. As for telecommuting, the bureau says approximately 4% us worked from home in 2005. Compare that to a A CDW Government study released in Marc said during the past year, telework growth in the federal government also outpaced the private sector: 35% of Federal teleworkers started teleworking, compared to 10% of private-sector teleworkers. 6"

Submission + - Hidden Images On Windows Vista DVD

bigwophh writes: "A blog post at Spanish-speaking website shows a hidden image of three men standing side-by-side on a Windows Vista Business DVD. So, we decided to investigate further and slapped a Windows Vista Ultimate DVD down on a scanner to see if we could verify the original image and to see if there were any other hidden images to speak of. Well, we were able to verify the hidden image of the three men and found another picture of what appears to be two more faces, and another that looks like a view of Earth from the Moon. A fourth image is also visible, but we haven't been able to make out the details."

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