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Comment Re:The reason they took the whole rack.... (Score 1) 405

You're so right! I will modify my customer creation form so that they have to check
"I am not a criminal" before they can create the account.
That way I can inform my customers that they aren't hosted with any criminals.

Although I have a doubt, maybe I need also a "I cannot be the target of an FBI investigation" checkbox, you know, just in case.

And I would have to make sure no other potential criminal or potential suspect will be
hosted anywhere near my own servers or racks, too.

Yes,it's simple. That way I will be certain that it cannot happen to me.

(now that I think of it ... I would probably be safe if I only do hosting for some of the state organisations. or the fbi)

Comment Re:Verification (Score 1) 204

Unless you assume the program is then run on real hardware, with possibilities of failure and unexpected behaviors.
Formal proof verifies that it corresponds to the specifications, which means it won't be the algorithm's fault if the result is wrong. It leaves many other possibilities for failure (including problem in the specification proved, or hardware troubles).

Comment Re:useless (Score 3, Insightful) 371

The earth atmosphere is quite transparent to what humans usually call light. that is, visible light. a very tiny portion of the spectrum.

But, the sun emit much more than visible light. If you can use UV or higher frequency, or perhaps a wider spectrum, then you get a lot more energy than the equivalent setup on earth.

And, I agree with the other parts. Once you have your nice space-based energy collector, then you have a lot of energy, in space. it would be nice to find a way to take it back to places that use energy, preferably without frying too many birds, planes, satellites, humans, and without having that nice 'death ray from the sky' option in the hand of industrials looking for profit.

But, let's be realist. If some people are ready to invest in so hard to use energy, why would a governement refuse to take a look at an intimidating weapon system ? And the same energy-redirecting system can be used on lower orbit to cover more ground, since you don't need a fixed receptor ...

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