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Comment Endian firewall if you do go the DIY router route (Score 1) 376

I've had pretty good success with the community version of Endian firewall, as well as the "commercial" 25 user license. It's got a handy little web accessible interface, can handle up to 6 interfaces (and I use all of them), has baked in snort capabilities, etc. Depending on the hardware route you go, it can support the high speeds you are looking for. I haven't conducted extensive bandwidth tests, however I was able to cap out my FiOS WAN connection at 35/15 Mbps with a 10/100 d-link NIC. Internal tests across gigabit NICs have hovered around 300Mbps, however there's several network devices in play that made it hard to determine the actual choke points. The community version is easily install and play-able, the commercial version as well (but with customization is soooooooo awesome). The downsides are that it doesn't come with a lot of hardware (wireless cards?), and to support that you have to "spin up a development server" to compile the driver into a binary for it to work. (yes, even with the commercial version *grumble*). The Endian company also sells hardware appliances, if you wanted to contact their sales team.

The community version is free, but offers only forum support.
The commercial version (25 user enterprise) runs about $450.

Both can be found at:

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 320

Or maybe all that leakage is just a huuuuuuuge false front of information? maybe they generate all that traffic and nonsense so that if something about this WAS leaked, no one would pay attention to it because everyone would be busy thinking "OUR inept and incompetent government, pull off a scheme like THAT? naaaaah"

Comment Re:Force a failover (Score 1) 491

Cisco switches iirc are designed to change into broadcast mode when the MAC table overfills. Also, just because you are on a switch doesn't mean you can't see their traffic, it just means you have to work for it. Enable forwarding and use ARP spoofing to spoof the gateway and their PC and you'll see all the traffic on that segment.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Unusual physics engine game ported to Linux (

christian.einfeldt writes: "Halloween has come early for Linux-loving gamers in the form of the scary Penumbra game trilogy, which has just recently been ported natively to GNU-Linux by the manufacturer, Frictional Games. The Penumbra games, named Overture, Black Plague, and Requiem, respectively, are first person survival horror and physics puzzle games which challenge the player to survive in a mine in Greenland which has been taken over by a monstrous infection/demon/cthulhu-esque thing. The graphics, sounds, and plot are all admirable in a scary sort of way. The protagonist is an ordinary human with no particular powers at all, who fumbles around in the dark mine fighting zombified dogs or fleeing from infected humans. But the game is remarkable for its physics engine — rather than just bump and acquire, the player must use the mouse to physically turn knobs and open doors; and the player can grab and throw pretty much anything in the environment. The physics engine drives objects to fly and fall exactly as one would expect. The porting of a game with such a deft physics engine natively to Linux might be one of the most noteworthy events for GNU-Linux gamers since the 'World of Goo' Linux port."

Comment Re:Antithetical to "education". (Score 1) 354

"Students who paid the same tuition as every other student, yet cannot experience the same intellectual freedoms as their peers

The reason that the NO. FORN classification exist, and especially in this circumstance, is that we cannot know exactly WHO paid for that tuition. Sure, the money flowed from their account to the school's, but was the student given a bag of cash and told to keep their eyes open?

Comment Re:Why bother when you know its hacked? (Score 1) 156

It is so easily hackable as to be laughable. The only reason no one has capitalized on this is because there is no clear way to capitalize on this without being traced. I'd say ACORN has proven paper voter registration, Illegal immigrant, and other "ghost" voting so easily done that either electronic AND paper voting is laughable until we have something that is unique to each person to identify them, at which point we can accurately tally their votes. Unfortunately, once we do that we open all kinds of other cans of worms.

Comment Re:I love Schneier (Score 1) 173

* Dilbert: I discovered a hole in our Internet security. * PointyHairedBoss: What?!! Good grief, man! How could you put a hole in our Internet? * Dilbert: I didn't _put_ it there. I _found_ it... And it's not... * PointyHairedBoss: It's your job to fix that hole. I want you to work 24-7! * Dilbert: Actually, that's _not_ my job. But I'll inform our network management group. * PointyHairedBoss: PASSING THE BUCK! YOU'RE A BUCK PASSER! * Dilbert: Forget it! There's no hole! It got better. * PointyHairedBoss: That's more like it. * PointyHairedBoss (thinking to himself): I fixed the Internet. Taken from

Comment Re:F-22 (Score 2, Insightful) 304

Another critical aspect is the distance/lag between the operater and the drone. THAT, in my unprofession and entirely biased opinion (IANARAWAO "I Am Not Anything Remotely Associated With Aerospace Operations") is that major key. When ms count, operators can be seconds away.

And then there's the whole "what happens when the enemy deploys jammers that interrupt all frequencies" thing..

Comment Re:This is bullshit (Score 1) 440

If you think the detainee's at GITMO are all actually innocent people (NOT people who proclaim their own innocence!) then you deserve the lot of them to be shipped to your front door and dropped off. Their files are full of sometimes pictures or eyewitness accounts placing them at the scenes of shooting, IEDing, or RPGing us or allied troops. A lot of them are also financiers. Also, a lot of them we can't send anywhere because right after our planes dropped them off, those "innocent" people would have bullets through the backs of their heads. There is no easy, simple solution to GITMO. They have to go somewhere, and I sure as hell don't want them in my backyard.

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