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Comment Re:More Stupid Censorship and Irony (Score 2, Insightful) 313

Now it's been on TV & all sorts, and yes it's tame.

Come on! A Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite movies. I've read the book twice as well, but to say it's tame is an absolute lie, unless you consider rape, murder, graphic violence and gratuitous drug use to be kid stuff. Just because Hollywood etc. has desensitized you to the point that you consider these things tame, does not mean that they actually are.

Even when viewed through a contemporary lens, the portrayal of the banality of extreme antisocial behavior is disturbing, and scenes such as the beating of the bum or the attempted rape of a young girl in a theater by Billyboy's gang are still very graphic. The movie got an X rating in 1971 and would still get an R today, and rightly so. This is not a movie for children or those lacking maturity. It is in no way "tame", not even by today's standards.

I know you're trying to bolster this knee-jerk reaction to the concept that banning anything is an overreaction, but mischaracterizing an extremely violent movie as "tame" does not lend credence to your point of view...and if you truly do consider this film to be innocuous, then you have bigger problems with which to contend than the banning of a video game in Oz.

Isn't it ironic how your attitude tends to mirror that of Alex? Maybe you need the Ludovico treatment. XD

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