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Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 90

The San Francisco based "Cisco-ians" all use MacBooks for sure, but as I said, there were just as many official Cisco employees using Dell laptops to host sessions. I actually asked someone this morning why Cisco has a love for Apple and their response actually doesn't surprise me now that I know:

"Because they (Apple) have a non-compete with us and they make good hardware, duh! Unlike, say Dell w/ NetGear & HP with 3Com/ProCurve, Apple doesn't make switches and routers that compete with our product lines. That's why".

I also found out that almost half of them run Linux lol.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 90

"I am a cisco employee"... Because "Anonymous Coward" would never lie, right?

Further, even if you were "a cisco employee", you would most likely have been at Cisco Live! San Diego in July and guess what? For all the black and white fedora wearing network nerds that were there, they were not all using "Macbooks" there, not even close. Heck, even Mike Rowe was sporting a Dell laptop the night of the Aerosmith concert outside the gate at the VIP entrance!

To further down your comment: Cisco isn't the end-all-be-all of networking... You've had too much Kool-Aide.

Comment Re:Hey Apple if you want enterprise business (Score 1) 90

Apple will not be able to achieve proper support in the enterprise world... Enterprise/Federal customers didn't want a relationship with a "product", which is what Apple makes their money on. Enterprise/Federal customers want a relationship with a company, and they were willing to pay for that. On call, 24/7. I just don't see Apple doing that, ever.

Comment Re:Hey Apple if you want enterprise business (Score 1) 90

You forget that they have already seriously burned their customers by dropping the ball the way they did with the Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID... A good example of this is "The Tennis Channel" in Los Angeles. They bought millions of dollars worth of Xserve RAID and got severely burned on them when their promised "dual redundant" Xserve RAID's started failing left and right, without any recourse for recovery. I was working for a VAR when that went down and I can tell you that a number of customers would never give them a second chance after that whole debacle.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 90

Considering we just had Cisco LIVE! San Diego, I'll call bullshit on this as well. The number of Dell, Lenovo and other laptops/tablets was conservatively equal to or optimistically greater to Macs for several reasons:

First and foremost: Most companies do not include Mac's in their company approved machine acquisition list.
Second: They are STILL not natively compatible with a lot of software without running Fusion or similar.

I will admit that they are popular machines, but I digress in stating they are not "massively preferred"... At least not by the companies themselves. From a personal networking perspective, I hate Bonjour and AppleTV with a passion and find them both as bad as AppleTalk was a decade ago in useless traffic sent across the line. Here's hoping Cisco outright slaps them into shutting those services up.

Comment Re:FTFY (Score 2) 190

I would like to think if I installed Win10 Enterprise on my systems at home and use workgroups, I could deploy this and manage my kid's ability to allow/disallow various applications as well...

In the mind of an Administrator, domain employees are not any different than children after all.

Comment Re:Watching systemd evolve (Score 4, Informative) 765

> Have better hardware, have a RAID, transfer the log messages over the network, have a UPS on your computer, invent a time machine.

You do realize this happens regardless of what hardware you are running. In my case, I have a VCE VBLOCK 720 running VMware Vsphere 5.5 against an EMC VMAX 10K that is only only 40% full and has 1ms FC latency across an ALUA mode4 (MPIO least-connect) configured path.

The issue isn't some out of place one off situation, but rather a consistent issue that other admins have experienced while running applications like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), SAP and Oracle RAC 12c with high limits of logging facilities. Visit VMworld, go to a VMUG, a VCE UG or any other group that runs lots of priority 1 applications on high end systems for their corporate environment and you will hear the same issue crop up in conversation many times.

Transferring log messages via rsyslog or snmp traps is CURRENTLY the only resolve here and it is one I find to be annoying.

"The next question seems obvious to me though - how do we avoid that in the future?"

I do not know, I am not a programmer. All I can say though is that it is an issue where the systemd camp has yet to satisfy sysadmins.

Comment Re:Watching systemd evolve (Score 1) 765

I may have weakened my point by indeed mocking people on the conjecture that so many /.'ers simply jump on a bandwagon without knowledge of the entire entity. However, it is hard to ignore the sheer ignorance of some at times and I admit fault in letting it get to me. Regardless, journald is still a huge thorn for many and needs to be addressed.

Comment Re:Watching systemd evolve (Score 4, Informative) 765

Here is one of many:


The TL;DR resolution: journalctl --fsck after rotation or pump it into a traditional syslog

Lennart Poettering's comments about it:

"our strategy to rotate-on-corruption is the safest thing we can do, as we make sure that the internal corruption is frozen in time, and not attempted to be "fixed" by a tool, that might end up making things worse"

Comment Re:Watching systemd evolve (Score 3, Informative) 765

But but Fedora has been using it for years without issue! Oh wait, that's because no Admin in their right mind would use Fedora as a server. But but it is stable and secure. Oh wait, your high load servers keep corrupting the journald and journalctl can't read portions of it without trying to replace the who journal with a new one. But but you can install rsyslog to fix that! Yeah, because we ALL like having to beta test an unproven product in a production environment only to be forced in resorting to something else that actually works as intended.

I'm caring less about systemd and more about how shortsighted they were when they forced everyone to use journald. The fact that I have to configure rsyslog to have a working log that does not constantly get corrupted and restart a new log, erasing the old one is annoying and shows just how unproven this entire systemd implementation truly is.

Comment Physically disable the microphone (Score 3, Interesting) 309

If it bugs you enough, like it did with me and my H7150 Smart 60", you can open casing and disconnect the microphone. Took about an hour due to all the screws and the button panel, but the silly microphone can just be unplugged from its source board once you get to it. Smart View Voice Control just complains "it can't hear" now.

Problem solved.

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