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Comment Re:This is so 1990s (Score 1) 132

I use linux as the day-to-day desktop at work since ubuntu 9.10.

In thoose days I used to let the laptop on for the entire week.. and was not a problem. But then.... well we all have an idea, I needed two or three reboots per week because the sistem thrashed a lot of memory.. tried alternatives, kubuntu, xubuntu, but they all lack stability.

MATE is a simple, neat destop that ... "just works". I'm just old fashoined and don't need a fancy UI.

Comment So they are begginig the monopoly (Score 1) 100

This just help google.

Google will still have your internet/search/click usage information and will profit from it. It just makes harder for the goverment or another evesdroper to see what you are doing. But a every goverment is a subpoena away from it.

If you want anonimity, don't use google or their software/services. period.

Sorry about the sour post, but I don't see how this will change anything.

Comment Insurance Companies (Score 1) 157

All that is true, but in real world, knowing you will get ill can (and probably will) make a difference in how you can live your life.

Besides medical related issues, most insurance companies (in my country at least.. but if some tecnology like that pops out, surelly will start to pop out everywhere) require you state all medical conditions prior to the purchase of the insurance. And this insurance are mandatory for all kind of credit.

In the case of my country what they ask is for Known/Diagnosed medical conditions. So, knowing will give them legal basis to... basicaly abuse you. Making you some kind of type B, gattaca style, human being.

Comment Re:Step #1: toss Java. (Score 1) 265

I think Computer science it's a lot bigger that just programming. You can all take a huge project like customizing a Starctaft bot and give ever person a role in thar play... Some would be good organizers, some could have skills in programming, and... other could be beta tester playing against the bot and takin notes about bad behaivour. Thar game runs on a pentium MMX, so your old hardware shouldn't be a problem. Making them all fell like a part of something, contributing to the proyect shoud motivate them... Your role it's to identify their capabilities and give them a proper task.

Comment Re:Wny not just tax trades? (Score 2) 267

I think the problem is that we all forget what it all this about:Trading should be about investment. Not especulation.
A company that need to grow needs money, so it go public to look for investors, that put their money in the company.
What good makes a company a "trader" that buys a stock and sells it 1 microsecond later for a profit. A speculator is *NOT* interested in supporting a bussines.

So the focus should be in that. atract more investors and punish the speculator:
1) No tax for trades kept for 1 month.
2) 100% tax for trades bought & sold the same day (so you should sell it twice the buying price to don't lose money).
3) Some nice tax curve in between (1-e^(t) it's my candidate ).

That way, you should commit to your investments (like real men do)... but give a real movility (after a month) in case you want to capitalize quickly. Current system just feed the greed of some, and don't help the economy.

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