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Comment Re:Where are all the English teachers? (Score 1) 119

"...but we hardly ever hear about these atrocities from American, English, and Australian English teachers who go over there for a few years to teach. They come back and tell us about all the fun they had and the great experiences they enjoyed while over there, but never how the government was always breathing down their neck or how they were forced to censor themselves." As someone who taught in Southwestern China for more than two years, I have to wonder who you're talking to. Whether we knew it or not, and almost all of us did, a spy is designated in every class to record everything we say and reported to officials at school. You can therefore censor yourself, or wait to be censored after your 'controversial' words are reported to the higher ups. E-mails are read as are personal letters. Students have much less freedom, many not even choosing their own major in university. I, like many people, loved my time in China, but it was in spite of the VERY severe government restrictions on our lives and the lives of ordinary Chinese citizens

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