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Comment Re:Great (Score 5, Informative) 47

I'm not sure if your (good) questions are legitimate and about the site or rhetorical and about the quality of reportage. If it's the former, then:

WHY did they create this site?
They didn't. It was forked from Wikitravel several years ago.

What's the motivation for creating a second one that has the same content?
Free culture. This site is run on a non-profit basis. At the risk of sounding pedantic, it's worth it to have free alternatives. This is like saying, "We already have a newspaper, so why have alternative weeklies?"

And why do all the articles about Wikivoyage neglect to mention Wikitravel?
That's maybe your best question and providing context to these stories will help to clarify *why* this is news at all. The Wikimedia Foundation probably doesn't mention them in their press because of litigious threats and the fact that Wikivoyage has (and has had) its own identity, but news outlets should do their research and post background information making your questions redundant rather than simply parroting press releases.

Submission + - FOSS options for e-Readers and tablets?

koavf writes: I'm just getting into the free/open source community, although I have been using some free resources like Firefox and Wikipedia for several years now. I'm thinking about buying an e-Reader, but I'm not sure which ones will be best about allowing me to control my own data and respect my privacy or which ones use FOSS. Any thoughts?

Submission + - China to Scan Texts to Spot "Unhealthy Content" (

koavf writes: Hot on the heels of Google's decision to stop censoring search results at google.con, the People's Republic of China has ordered cellphone companies to suspend text services to users who send "unhealthy" messages. To combat the dissemination of pornography, cellular companies in Beijing and Shanghai have been told to suspend text services to cellphone users who are found to have sent messages with "illegal or unhealthy content."

Text messages will be automatically scanned for keywords provided by the police. Messages will be deemed ""unhealthy" if they violate undisclosed criteria established by the central government.


Submission + - Radiohead to only release digital singles

koavf writes: "Radiohead have become the latest major rock act to announce that they will no longer release albums in any format, but focus on digital singles. Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins made a similar declaration last year. This comes on the heels of the major record labels and Apple developing competing multimedia packages to encourage music fans to buy and listen to entire albums."

Submission + - Periodic table gets a new, unnamed element ( 2

koavf writes: More than a decade after experiments first produced a single atom of "super-heavy" element 112, a team of German scientists has been credited with its discovery, but it has yet to be named. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has temporarily named the element ununbium, as "ununbi" means "one one two" in Latin; but the team now has the task of proposing its official name.
Social Networks

Submission + - Social networks help fuel democracy in Moldova (

koavf writes: "Young Moldovans have employed text messaging, Facebook, and even a custom searchable tag on Twitter to help oust the Communist government amidst allegations of vote tampering. With social networking technology, a half-dozen democrats recruited over 15,000 youth to storm Parliament in a matter of hours. In a television broadcast, Moldovan president Voronin described the protests as "well-designed, well-thought out, coordinated, planned and paid for.""

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