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Submission + - Dutch students kickstarter an affordable JARVIS (

ko9 writes: Two students from the University of Twente (the Netherlands) have built a smart home system based on Raspberry Pi. Their Kickstarter campaign started today, and already backing is almost halfway to their goal of 100k euro.

Comment Re:8000 miles = Close shave (Score 1) 183

Before getting too excited, also keep in mind that this asteroid is fairly small (8 to 18m). It mentions in TFA: "If the asteroid did strike, it would probably explode in the upper atmosphere â" a fine spectacle, but harmless." So yes it almost hit us, but even if it had we would have no real reason to worry.

Comment Re:What's this 'we' thing ? (Score 2, Informative) 502

While out of all the countries, the US is definitely home to the most readers of this site, the majority of the readers are not US-based. Those are two different things. If you look at the stats on Alexa you can see that 47.1% of the readers are from the US, while he second place goes to India with a mere 8.8%. That still means that 52.9% of the readers live outside the US though, so the FAQ seems either false or outdated.

Comment What's this 'you' thing ? (Score 1) 502

are you americans arent able to realize that internet has become a global place still to the extent that you think staggering majority of people here are americans ?

get over yourselves. you are living in a global world and its name is internet.

Please don't assume everyone on this site is American, it's annoying.

More seriously though, I found it surprising that slashdot is so specifically US-centric (given the FAQ mentioned below). It has always seemed like a global tech site to me, and I am not from the US either.

Comment Office 2010 (Score 1) 220

Oddly, I've not seen anyone mention the (fairly decent) Office 2010 ad. It was made in movie trailer form, and it didn't come across nearly as forced or cheesy as all the other ads they've produced. When I saw it, I thought they might have finally learned their lesson, but that was before the "Windows 7 launch parties" debacle, so it appears I was wrong there. :-) For the Office 2010 ad, see:

Comment Dollars.. (Score 1) 276

There's a lot of talk about inflation in the comments, but most people seem to forget about the US Dollar not being what it used to be, on the world stage. And Hollywood is definitely a worldwide business. For example, if Europeans spent two billion Euros on movies 5 years ago, Hollywood would've made two billion Dollars. If Europeans spent the same money on movies now, Hollywood would make three billion instead.

Comment Re:Obvious (?) question (Score 1) 425

Agreed, someone very close to me is suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which makes me very interested in how effective this could be, and how fast these human trials will start.. And if it does work to counter these diseases, how to get access as soon as possible (the disease is usually fatal within a few years). I suspect it is too much to hope that this will both prove effective, AND expect it to be available within, say, a year or so.. But it never hurts to ask :-/

Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 1) 337

Perhaps it would take too much energy to change itself. If it's not broken, why fix it?

Just in case you are serious (or someone else who reads this thinks you are), let's get this straight. Evolution does not work that way. A single lifeform does not change into something else during its lifetime. Change happens over (many) generations. If some trait gives one lifeform a higher chance of producing offspring than another, then these traits will be more represented in the next generation (children look like their parents).

Comment Re:Praise Jeebus! (Score 1) 481

What is needed is a good exorcism. IE6 needs to be cast out from the net and its bloated carcass nailed to a tree as a lesson to others.

The last time society cast someone out and nailed him to bits of tree, it started one of the world's most popular religions. Please, let's not make IE6 a martyr. We'll never be rid of it!

Comment Re:Two wrongs... (Score 5, Insightful) 524

Like you, I disagree with these "comparison charts" which let the marketing people cherry pick what options they want to show and completely hide all others. However, an important difference lies between the way these two charts are set up. The items on the chart at Mozilla are actually things that the browsers have or do not have (boolean values if you will), and therefore at least the checkmark is appropriate. On the Microsoft chart, they use the same checkmark system for things that are not 'true' or 'false' at all, like "Security" and "Privacy". They use this to suggests not only that IE is better at these fields, but that the others do not have this feature at all. It's a subtle difference that is very important to how people read the chart.
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Microsoft Launches new 'Get the facts' campaign ( 5

ko9 writes: Microsoft has launched their "Get the facts" campaign, in an attempt to promote Internet Explorer 8. It contains a chart that compares IE8 to Firefox and Chrome. Needless to say, IE8 comes out as the clear winner, with MS suggesting it is the only browser to provide features like 'privacy', 'security', 'reliability'. It even claims to have Firefox beat in 'customizability'. Almost all of these are at the very least stretching the truth, and more likely blatant lies. To people like me, this page would destroy a lot of the credibility MS might have had with me. I'm wondering if the average joe will question these facts though, or will he just blindly accept them as facts, because a big company like Microsoft would not lie this openly?

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