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Comment Re: Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 517

We already have talent in the USA that has no equal. Problem is that 3/4 of software engineers leave the field due to poor work conditions and relatively low pay given the intelligence, drive, time, and skill involved. Why go into engineering when management or sales pays double for less work? We have a retention issue, not a hiring issue.

Comment Re:Peoples Republic of Commiefornia (Score 1) 171

Exactly. CA has a solution looking for a problem.
Sure, under CA inflated electricity rates you'll save $40 for an additional $14 in hardware. But in other states you'll save $10 but pay $14. Oh, and lets add the additional design, supply chain changes, etc etc for another $10. So it will cost $24 to save $10. Typical SoCal logic.

Comment Re:news flash - income varies by region (Score 1) 158

I live in a 2700 sqft house just 10 minutes from work and pay $500/month. Also own 5 acres overlooking a large lake for $200/month. I'm a 2 hour flight from and in the same time zone as Silicon Valley yet they have no interest in opening up jobs here despite the low cost yet high engineering and science skill (I have 3 degrees).

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 4, Interesting) 79

Yes, they use it in court. I once watched a federal prosecutor use this and lie so blatantly to the court that his own (image) expert witness sued him for false representation. Yet the defendant was still convicted based almost entirely on that upscale image "evidence" and served several years in prison.

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