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Comment Re:news flash - income varies by region (Score 1) 157

I live in a 2700 sqft house just 10 minutes from work and pay $500/month. Also own 5 acres overlooking a large lake for $200/month. I'm a 2 hour flight from and in the same time zone as Silicon Valley yet they have no interest in opening up jobs here despite the low cost yet high engineering and science skill (I have 3 degrees).

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 4, Interesting) 79

Yes, they use it in court. I once watched a federal prosecutor use this and lie so blatantly to the court that his own (image) expert witness sued him for false representation. Yet the defendant was still convicted based almost entirely on that upscale image "evidence" and served several years in prison.

Comment Re:No, not all automakers will take that hit (Score 1) 106

Expensive Green = Brown. It just shifts the extra money to pollute a different place in the supply chain.

Tesla is not Environmental. If they were then they'd sell electric commuter cars for $10k. Cost is the greatest indicator of environmental impact - and when it isn't, the rules need adjusted so that it is.

Comment Re:It was bound to happen. (Score 0) 106

Support of that automation requires more training, resulting in more pay. Automation is a great thing. Unfair free trade is a terrible thing. A great example of this was a small engineering group coming up with a moving ladder that tripled fruit picking. 1/3 as many people - and cheaper. Farmers shied away from it because it was simpler to hire illegal aliens.

Trump got the religion vote because they speak the same language - figurative communication rather than literal. He also supports police and other things that make our homes safer. Clinton/Obama/DOJ incited race wars and gutted our police departments - the corresponding riots and lack of safety terrified us.

Clinton supported antisocial groups such as Wall Street, BLM, and illegal aliens. That drove away mainstream America.

Clinton's economic plan was to continue scraping the bottom of this recession. Trump's tax plan is a disaster but otherwise he has listed out many concrete steps to bring back and create jobs.

The gender, race, and other bits were far worse on the Democrats side - misandry, giving money and safety away to those with a better tan, taking bribes, etc.

There was a lot of bamboozling from both sides but it came down to who is going to support the majority of people. Same thing as Brexit.

What scares me is that the Senate has 51 Republicans. The next 2 years comes down to Trump staying the maverick and protecting us from the Corporate Party (Clinton & GOP).

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 340

Nope. The story is about Production - not Consumption. What happens when the sun doesn't shine or wind doesn't blow? Or when it's too much? Energy storage doesn't economically exist and transmission hasn't been rebuilt to handle massive fluctuations.

It comes down to, locally, renewables costing 60 cents/kw while coal/gas/hydro costs 9 cents/kw. Spending that 51 extra cents/kw not only is an economic waste, but environmental waste back up the supply chain.

Expensive Green = Brown

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