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Comment Re:The benefits of Single Payer (Score 4, Informative) 116

I've seen centralized IT work far better than decentralized. It comes down to execution.

After working in Canada IT for several years, I can place the blame squarely on culture. IT is considered below the janitor socially, underfunded, run Command-Control by politically driven management... and those are the good things. It goes downhill from there.

Comment Re:Poor Guy. Guess He Needs the Money... (Score 1) 198

we will pay for it

How much and what are the options? Measure it.
One example of little cost but a lot of benefit is the Fed raising flood insurance rates 5% + inflation every year until they are out of the business.
Another is to quit bailing out states for storms. I was in NJ when Sandy hit and 99% of the damage was self induced - they refused to cut trees away from power lines. Guess what happened? Thousands of down lines and power out for weeks. Something they've finally been intelligent enough to restart is putting barriers between ocean and houses.

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