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Comment Re:Poor Guy. Guess He Needs the Money... (Score 1) 181

we will pay for it

How much and what are the options? Measure it.
One example of little cost but a lot of benefit is the Fed raising flood insurance rates 5% + inflation every year until they are out of the business.
Another is to quit bailing out states for storms. I was in NJ when Sandy hit and 99% of the damage was self induced - they refused to cut trees away from power lines. Guess what happened? Thousands of down lines and power out for weeks. Something they've finally been intelligent enough to restart is putting barriers between ocean and houses.

Comment Re:Depends who pays (Score 0, Troll) 333

It's not economical when you take out the subsidies for solar/wind and the targeted overbearing rules that drive up the price of coal.
Put a number on pollution - all pollution including manufacturing those solar cells, not just local burning gas - then we'll talk.
Expensive Green = Brown

Comment Re:Contrast this with the incoming administration (Score 0, Troll) 333

The peasants don't understand that most "green" energy causes more pollution than natural gas, and far more than nuclear and hydropower.
Transmission lines, energy storage or backup systems, actual environmental cost of making solar panels or wind turbines, etc.
If you want to actually live green then you'd better get used to blackouts.

Comment Re: Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 540

We already have talent in the USA that has no equal. Problem is that 3/4 of software engineers leave the field due to poor work conditions and relatively low pay given the intelligence, drive, time, and skill involved. Why go into engineering when management or sales pays double for less work? We have a retention issue, not a hiring issue.

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