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Comment Re:Not dead after all (Score 1) 76

Maemo was just too old. It may have been 90% done, but it just wasn't a good competitor. The use of Flash being the number one mistake. The shift to Meego's UI was a great move. Clutter is very capable, and looked very pretty on Meego 1.0 for netbooks and would be a great performer for smaller, embedded systems where you have a GPU and UI is the primary use. You can debate the merits and deficiencies of the UI designs choices in Meego, but at the least the technology was solid and pretty. If anything Meego 1.0 was 90% done and she shift from Maemo was the good move. After this two bad things happened: 1) Intel tried to keep Meego development on their hardware, which limited work towards others (Read: ARM) and basically slowed chances of adoption. It was a greedy move that hurt the whole platform. 2) Nokia joined the project and basically threw out the Clutter based UI that was making real progress. Instead they brought in Qt and basically hit the big reset button on the whole project in order to get their brand up front. And then, they summarily jumped ship. WTF? Dropping Maemo was the good move in all of this. And Nokia never even gave Meego a chance.

Comment Re:How come it's only in Japan (Score 1) 884

Mod this up. The iphone is heads and tails better than the Japanese offering. Note: I use the singular there as EVERY JAPANESE CELLPHONE IS EXACTLY THE SAME. Japanese phones are nothing special. A few of them have some neat features, but none of them near the software sophistication of the iphone. If you want to talk in terms of the cellular networks themselves the high speeds offered you would have a pretty solid case for a Japanese lead, but in the case of handsets I haven't seen anything that approaches the iphone here. A ridiculous fallacy. Runaway imaginations with an (un)healthy dose of cynicism.

Comment Unmodified Busybox? (Score 1) 480

That is an Amino STB. Maybe check with them. Odds are Minerva is only reselling. Probably using a Sigma CPU, which by default ships with a 2.4 or 2.6 kernel based SDK. uclinux. Busybox is standard in that case. Ask Amino. Or Sigma Designs. A *huge* portion of the STB market is running uclinux or Montevista these days. Unmodified Busybox is standard fare. Is this really a violation? Is the violation in question simply that they did not provide him with an unmodified Busybox? (available elsewhere too) This doesn't seem so dark and nefarious to me.

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