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Comment Re:WTF are they thinking? (Score 1) 949

here you go just rip em from the website. then all you need to pirate is the DVD box pictures :P What I don't understand is how they put this content out there one way or another for free, and then expect people to pay for it later. If you broadcast it over the air, or allow streaming from a website its public as far as I'm concerned. This BS of suing users for content that's freely available elsewhere is like suing some guy taping your band that's doing a show on a street corner.

Comment NPR (Score 0) 380

How is it that NPR had the last two stories (NASA & Prius as well as the Magnet influencing morality) on LAST NIGHT'S broadcast, and they're *just now* showing up here? Slashdot has lost its way.

Comment (Score 1) 454

Works well, free, uses ssh and VNC and one time hashes that you'll exchange over the phone. Really quite easy to use, and IIRC its a standalone app that doesn't actually install anything so once you're done there's no port listening afterward to allow anyone an easy attack vector.

blah blah blah I am not affiliated with showmypc blah blah blah

Comment Tanks - the Okidata b410 series (Score 1) 557

I've been really happy with the Okidata b410/420/430 series printers, they're rated for 50K/50K/80K PER Month duty cycle and they're still within the range of a typical well built laser printer - As luck has it I priced one out today on CDW and the b430dn has an instant coupon so the whole unit is under $200 (the b410 is the base model and lists at $250 regularly) Supplies aren't crazy expensive either, about $70/ 3,500pg toner and drums last forever but are a little pricey at about $150. I have absolutely no affiliation with Okidata or CDW ,just a very happy repeat customer.

Comment Re:Keyboard and Mouse (Score 1) 54

Air Mouse Pro in the app store for iPhone, there's the gmote for android based phones (and maybe windows mobile?) I think both of these are stripped down vnc services. the air mouse is great, it turns the iPhone screen into one big track pad, or you can rotate it and up pops a keyboard, best app I've bought yet.

Comment Great Idea (Score 1) 54

The lack of physical buttons is so frustraiting that there are attempts to create an add on (like that seems to have stalled out) yet somehow this is a good idea? I realize at least half the draw is the accelerometer, but what games are they targetting there?
I'm really missing the point of this idea/app.

Comment Re:Contractual vs. Piracy (Score 1) 276

"4. Individuals pirating music or movies who clearly don't own a CD or DVD should be treated differently in court." differently than a multinational company that, if the plaintiff is correct, has stolen his copyrighted materials? How is this different? What's the thinking here?
that Sony should probably be held to a higher standard because they should know better?

Comment Re:Maybe, Maybe not... (Score 5, Informative) 441

"But you know what - it's not resisting arrest or assault if there's nothing to arrest you for!"

Actually (IANAL) -

What do I do if I am arrested?

If you are arrested, submit to the law enforcement officer. Do not resist, even if you are innocent. Your innocence does not make the arrest illegal as long as the officer has conformed to the requirements of a legal arrest. If you resist, even if you are innocent of the charges for which you are arrested, you could be charged with resisting arrest. If the officer does not conform to the requirements of a legal arrest, you should still allow yourself to be taken into custody without resistance. If this happens, you may be entitled to bring an action against the law enforcement officer for false arrest.

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