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Comment Re:It's the ISP's fault (Score 0) 99

I can't believe this remark gets +5 Informative! Everyone is responsible for their own security!
If I get a lock installed on the door of my new house, with a key that is the same as the key on 140000 other doors, guess what I am going to do next, install a new lock or wait until someone empties my house and blame the company that installed the lock.

BTW I am a customer of the same company since a few months, and Welkom01 is not the default password anymore. It is a random string.

Comment Re:So I read the Article... (Score 1) 422

So, let me get this:
Data collected by TomTom is used by the government to identify bottlenecks in traffic and do something about them.
-> Everybody cheering, cuz that's the government's job and it is great that this satnav stuff can help...

Data collected by TomTom is used by the government to identify spots where people are breaking the law more than elsewhere.
-> Everybody tossing their TomTom cuz it's the bloody fscking government that is using this data and they should know better!

Can someone please explain the difference in attitude?

Comment Re:The Guardian (Score 3, Insightful) 344

What people tend to forget is that any newsoutlet needs to pay for the content they deliver, either through paying journalists or through paying press agencies. Because newspapers do not get enough money from advertising, they currently need to let journalists go. Press agencies need to lower prices as well, because newspapers expect more for less. The current business model is not maintainable, everyone is losing. Most of all the readers, who are more and more getting the exact same news from any paper, without the indepth research we should be able to expect from journalists.
The current business model has to give, and this is a first step.

You may not like paying for your news, in the end someone has to pay for it...

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