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Comment I am an innovative manager. (Score 5, Interesting) 134

I consider myself to be an innovative manager. I have great ideas and those ideas have a lot of times in the past made the companies I've worked for a ton of money. This happens all the time and I don't think you understand the real problem. The problem isn't that managers aren't innovative, it's that managers don't get anything for their innovations. As an innovative manager I run into a lot of obstacles in my career. First and foremost I have never received even close to 1% of the profits from any invention I have ever came up with for an employer. At my last job all I did was come up with new ideas to make the company money. I have made companies millions of dollars in profits with my ideas. I have implemented ideas that have saved hundreds of thousands per month in running costs. Afterwards I did not get a single raise, bonus or sometimes even acknowledgement of that extra income. It was my job, they were already paying me for it. As a sub 6 figure "senior" employee I feel a huge push to not mention my ideas to my employers. If the idea costs money to implement, it usually gets shut down before they even think about it, because most people aren't willing to put their own money on the line for a risky idea they didn't come up with. When it only costs a little money, or even a free of cost change in procedures that could cut costs by dramatic amounts, employees are usually thanked and forgotten, if they are even thanked. Decades ago if an employee came up with a method to save a company $300,000 a month that employee would be pushed to the top of a company and probably even made a junior partner and queried for new ideas, not today. So what do innovative managers do now? We look carefully at our non-compete agreements and we focus our innovative brains in a direction that does not conflict with it. We do our job as well as we can, but the second we leave the building our brains are thinking about our own inventions, our own companies and how we can get them funded. And once we get the cash to start something, we leave, we become entrepreneurs and we break the logic of this topic. The only difference between an "Entrepreneur" and a "Manager" is that the entrepreneur quit his day job as a manager to focus on his own idea. So what do I do now? Well

Comment Dumbest idea ever (Score 1) 1232

so.. obviously the only thing this will cause is for criminals to know who they can steal guns from. For every gun that gets stolen from a home, insurance will replace it, and then insurance rates will end up raising across the board. So thank you anti-gun people for buying me new guns after they get stolen. Oh and good luck with all the criminals with exponentially more guns than they had prior to this plan hahaha. And don't worry, us gun owners know you mean well, albeit in a misinformed manner.. so when all these newly armed criminals come into our neighborhoods and run rampant we will try our best to shoot them dead so that they can't make it into your "gun free zones" to come and rape your children and wives. I'm sure we won't get thanked for our service, but we know you'll secretly be appreciative.

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