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Submission + - Ransomware Discovered in Transmission BitTorrent Client for OS X (paloaltonetworks.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Attackers have infected two installers of Transmission version 2.90 for OS X with ransomware they have named "KeRanger". This is the first-known fully functional ransomware for OS X. All users are advised to upgrade to 2.92 immediately.

"On March 4, we detected that the Transmission BitTorrent client installer for OS X was infected with ransomware, just a few hours after installers were initially posted. We have named this Ransomware “KeRanger.” The only previous ransomware for OS X we are aware of is FileCoder, discovered by Kaspersky Lab in 2014. As FileCoder was incomplete at the time of its discovery, we believe KeRanger is the first fully functional ransomware seen on the OS X platform."

Comment Re:Been using Nightly for a while. (Score 1) 181

Well that's is expected for a feature that has made it to the Nightly/Aurura stage of development and release. Between now and when e10s finally hits the stable branch, add-on developers are going to have do some patching to account for the major change in resource allocation in the browser.

Comment What's Automotive equvilent to Windows Update? (Score 1) 148

It's not just that embeded apps in cars are garbage "new" but I've yet to see an car that has constant support for the newest innovations and devices (USB ports not compatible with new phones) that give the car owner reason to try to use said features when there is a big chance things that they will try to use with it in a year or two will not function due to the car not being updated to support them.

How do you provide updates to car? Auto manufactures are already pretty closed chested with the basic computers that are in most cars post 2000.
I understand cars are heavily regulated but I don't see internet-capable cars happening anytime in the near future as that opens up a bunch safety and security concerns.

Comment I'll try not to bite your head off but.. (Score 2) 222

The Xbox One does not use the same architecture as the 360, the 360 (and PS3) uses the PowerPC architecture which isn't used much any more. The Xbox One and the PS4 both utilize x86 architecture. The only thing the Xbox One and 360 have in common hardware-wise is use of a smaller secondary cache of RAM that is faster than standard memory. The Kinect costs around $75 to manufacture and even if they cut the price down $399 for a system that didn't include the Kinect they would be loosing over $20 on every system sold (The Xbox One base system costs more to make than PS4 base system) Microsoft messed up big time as they are stuck with the system that costs more to make but offers less power than its major competitor (PS4)..

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