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Comment Google Project Fi (Score 1) 196

I started with Sprint then switched to AT&T after a couple of years. After a couple of more years with AT&T I switched to Simple Mobile for the unlimited data and the low cost. During a cross country car trip I switched to Straight Talk because Simple Mobile did not have coverage through large swaths of Tornado Alley. I currently use Google Project Fi while my wife is still on Straight Talk. Most of my data usage is on WiFi so the $0.01 / Mb data charge works well for me. My wife will probable switch also when we get her a new Google-phone.

Comment Look Into Straight Talk at Walmart (Score 1) 142

I made a road trip from California to Vermont and back this June. I started off using Simple Mobile which operates on the T-Mobile network because it has the best connectivity at my home. Heading Northeast from San Diego through Utah and Western Colorado I had decent service through Denver. I lost service East of Denver and did not regain it again until half way through Kansas. Coverage between Kansas and Vermont was generally satisfactory except in some extremely rural areas. On my return trip I was a bit concerned about weather conditions and decided that I wanted better data coverage. I bought a prepaid Straight Talk sim kit at a Walmart in Ohio and switched over. The sim kit has sims for connectivity on the T-Mobile and AT&T GSM networks as well as provisions for connecting on the Verizon and Sprint CDMA networks. I selected the AT&T sim and I had pretty good coverage through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota as long as I was on a major highway. Coverage in Montana was a bit spotty because we were headed to Glacier National Park near the Canadian border. I had good coverage all the way down the West coast. The cost is reasonable at $45 for 30 days unlimited talk, text and 5 GB of 4G LTE data and unlimited 2G data after the 5 GB is used up.

Comment It can be done (Score 1) 433

I was able to do it after retiring from the navy. I did most of my lower division work through several community colleges in the area and then transferred to a state university to complete my degree. It took eight years to go this route. I was lucky because my employer was very supportive of my efforts and allowed me to adjust my work hours so that I could attend certain classes that were not offered at night.

Comment Re:Incidentally... (Score 1) 633

Sam Adams and Yuengling are actually quite good. Budweiser is Belgian, Coors and Miller are South African. I giggle when people complain about American beer because they don't realize the worst swill we produce has been purchased by other countries.

I think that Yuengling is very good but unfortunately is available only on the East coast.


Fine-Structure Constant Maybe Not So Constant 105

Kilrah_il writes "The fine-structure constant, a coupling constant characterizing the strength of the electromagnetic interaction, has been measured lately by scientists from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and has been found to change slightly in light sent from quasars in galaxies as far back as 12 billion years ago. Although the results look promising, caution is advised: 'This would be sensational if it were real, but I'm still not completely convinced that it's not simply systematic errors' in the data, comments cosmologist Max Tegmark of MIT. Craig Hogan of the University of Chicago and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill., acknowledges that 'it's a competent team and a thorough analysis.' But because the work has such profound implications for physics and requires such a high level of precision measurements, 'it needs more proof before we'll believe it.'"

Woman Wins Libel Suit By Suing Wrong Website 323

An anonymous reader writes "It appears that Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones and her lawyer were so upset by a comment on the site that they missed the 'y' at the end of the name. Instead, they sued the owner of, whose owner didn't respond to the lawsuit. The end result was a judge awarding $11 million, in part because of the failure to respond. Now, both the owners of and are complaining that they're being wrongfully written about in the press — one for not having had any content about Sarah Jones but being told it needs to pay $11 million, and the other for having the content and having the press say it lost a lawsuit, even though no lawsuit was ever actually filed against it."

ESA Releases Lutetia Flyby Images 48

The European Space Agency has released images from yesterday's close approach of asteroid 21 Lutetia by the Rosetta probe. At its closest, the probe was a mere 3,162 km from the asteroid, passing at 15 km/s and snapping photos sharp enough to make out features as small as 60 meters. "Rosetta operated a full suite of sensors at the encounter, including remote sensing and in-situ measurements. Some of the payload of its Philae lander were also switched on. Together they looked for evidence of a highly tenuous atmosphere, magnetic effects, and studied the surface composition as well as the asteroid’s density. ... The flyby marks the attainment of one of Rosetta's main scientific objectives. The spacecraft will now continue to a 2014 rendezvous with its primary target, comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. It will then accompany the comet for months, from near the orbit of Jupiter down to its closest approach to the Sun. In November 2014, Rosetta will release Philae to land on the comet nucleus." There is also a replay of the media event webcast on the ESA's website.

Mom Arrested After Son Makes Dry Ice "Bombs" 571

formfeed writes "Police were called to a house in Omaha where a 14-year-old made some 'dry ice bombs' (dry ice in soda bottles). Since his mom knew about it, she is now facing felony charges for child endangment and possession of a destructive device. From the article: 'Assistant Douglas County Attorney Eric Wells said the boy admitted to making the bomb and that his mother knew he was doing so. The boy was set to appear Tuesday afternoon in juvenile court, accused of possessing a destructive device.'" She's lucky they didn't find the baking soda volcano in the basement.

The White House Listed On Real Estate Website 123

Forget visiting the White House, if you have $10 million you can own it. At least that is the price for the president's home on the real estate website Redfin. From the article: "Obviously this is an error. It looks like Redfin software pulled an example listing from the website by mistake. That example listing was the White House. We have e-mailed Redfin for comment." I know it's historic but it still looks a bit on the high side according to the comparables in the area.

George Washington Racks Up 220 Years of Late Fees At Library 146

Everyone knows that George Washington couldn't tell a lie. What you probably didn't know is that he couldn't return a library book on time. From the article: "New York City's oldest library says one of its ledgers shows that the president has racked up 220 years' worth of late fees on two books he borrowed, but never returned. One of the books was the 'Law of Nations,' which deals with international relations. The other was a volume of debates from Britain's House of Commons. Both books were due on Nov. 2, 1789."

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