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Submission + - Sweden shuts down The Pirate Bay again

larkly writes: "(From the i-told-you-so-dept) The Swedish Pirate Party released a press statement today, claiming that the Swedish police authorities have classified the torrent site The Pirate Bay as a distribution site for child pornography. The filter has not been subject of much national criticism, as it was only intended for blocking child pornography sites, but its usage now seems to drift in a different direction."

Submission + - GPL3 Drives Wedge Between Novell and Microsoft (

Bruce Perens writes: "In this story, Microsoft declares that its "Novell Support Coupons" will not apply to GPL3 software, in an effort to escape from language in GPL3 that would extend Microsoft's patent protection from Novell customers only — to all users of the software. Novell declares that they're going to include GPL3 software in their distribution. Eben Moglen, Richard Stallman and the GPL3 committees and contributors deserve a (free) beer, for having successfully emasculated Microsoft's attempt to divide the community. Instead, the wedge has now been driven between Microsoft and Novell."

Feed The Earth's Climate Is Seesawing, According To Climate Researchers (

During the last 10,000 years climate has been seesawing between the North and South Atlantic Oceans. Cold periods in the north have corresponded to warmth in the south and vice versa. These results imply that Europe may face a slightly cooler future than predicted by IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
The Internet

Submission + - UK Voters Want To Vote Online

InternetVoting writes: "A recent research survey by ntl:Telewest Business found that nearly half of the respondents would be more likely to vote online. This year the UK government has authorized 13 local election pilots including Internet voting. ntl:Telewest Business estimates 10 million UK households have broadband and 4,789 local libraries offer public access. In the US political parties are beginning to test the Internet voting waters with the Michigan Democratic Party to offer Internet voting in their 2008 Presidential Caucus."

Feed $500 million underwater fiber network to link Asia, America (

Filed under: Networking

Unfortunately for most, traversing back and forth to Asia from America on a regular basis isn't exactly in the cards, but thanks to a $500 million project agreed upon by a 17-member telecommunications consortium, visiting via fiber will soon be a whole lot snappier. Telekom Malaysia, along with 16 other firms, have awarded a half billion dollar contract to Alcatel-Lucent and NEC to construct a 12,428-mile link between the west coast of America and Southeast Asia. The aptly-dubbed Asia-America Gateway will connect the western US with Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Guam, and Hawaii, while also offering "seamless interconnection" with Europe, Africa, and Australia. Moreover, the project is being designed to provide a "more secure link for traffic" across the seas, as it avoids the hazardous Pacific Ring in hopes of dodging massive internet outages due to unexpected earthquakes. Best of all, the wait time for the undersea cabling to make an impact is fairly reasonable, as users should see "faster and more reliable service" when it becomes operational in December of next year.

[Via Physorg]

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