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Comment range overstated (Score 1) 163

San Francisco to Portland is 635 miles as the crow flies. A plane with a range of 700 miles could not serve this route. The FAA requires that an airplane have enough fuel to get to its primary destination, then from there to the nearest diversion field (in case the primary is unavailable), and still have 45 minutes of cruising capability so it can circle the field waiting for a landing slot.

Comment Re:Dead? (Score 1) 30

That link takes pains to point out:
It isn't systemd's fault. systemd works fine with /usr on a separate file system that is not pre-mounted at boot.
systemd is merely the messenger. Don't shoot the messenger.

Comment New installer doesn't work from behind my firewall (Score 1) 198

I think I'm careful enough to avoid including the malware during an installation. But the install program doesn't work at all from behind my employer's corporate firewall. It looks like it tries to connect to a server at a TCP port number not normally associated with HTTP.

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