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Comment Re:Let's see if I understand (Score 1) 236

The guy has a name. When you time the first 3-4 letters of the name, google autocompletes the name with a Crime word, which links to 10,000 entries about said crime. And the HR lady who is looking at this results thinks the guy is a criminal, so she puts his resume in the reject pile.

I don't see how that is Google's fault. That's the fault of stupid HR ladies who don't know how to do a proper search (i.e. finish typing the guy's name).

In Japan, people's names are 3-6 Kanji characters long, with last name first... and with so few unique last names, in order to be a criminal after a few characters entered, his name must be Yakuza.

Comment privacy..... (Score 1) 63

Will people really want this? With all the privacy gaffes FB has made, a phone, with GPS etc. - letting FB know/broadcast/phone-home where you are at all times - seems like it could raise too many red flags for some consumers to want to buy a device from them. Perhaps the average consumer doesn't care though. ?

Comment Re:Phht (Score 1) 110

MOD PARENT INSIGHTFUL! as long as the search/index software can be "really fast" compared to what we can do today, it'd be a really simple application to write: a mashup of facial recognition, records lookup @ doctor (requires hack into secure db), social networking "interests" grep, etc...

Comment Re:they are worth it (Score 1) 345

In all seriousness though, just because programmers aren't perfect doesn't mean you shouldn't review their work products. Think of the excuse "oh programmers aren't perfect so let's skip reviews" - why don't you also say "oh well humans run tests, and humans aren't perfect, so we should skip the tests too, just ship it." Code reviews are a form of testing (on the upward slope of the V-model). Testing should not be skipped, although yes it can be argued that the worthless tests should be skipped. At risk of repeating what a lot of people have said in this discussion already, tests shouldn't be discarded just because they're painful - they should be discarded if metrics show they're worthless.

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