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Submission + - Google results lead to massive malware attack (

Arashtamere writes: A large-scale, coordinated campaign to steer users toward malware-spewing Web sites from Google search results is under way, according to security researchers. Users searching Google with any of hundreds of legitimate phrases — from the technical "how to cisco router vpn dial in" to the heart-tugging "how to teach a dog to play fetch" — will see links near the top of the results listings that lead directly to malicious sites hosting a mountain of malware. Security researchers say they have found 27 different domains, each with up to 1,499 malicious pages, meaning some 40,000 pages are spewing out the malware. Dodgy tactics such as "comment spam" and "blog spam" have allowed the criminals to boost their Google rankings, and attackers may be using bots to plug links into any web form that requests a URL. According to the report there is no evidence that the criminals bought Google search keywords, however, nor that they've compromised legitimate sites. Instead, they've simply played Google's ranking system and registered their own sites.

Submission + - Hydrogen powered bus engines use space technology

An anonymous reader writes: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has collaborated with the country's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer Tata motors for a hydrogen fuelled technology to run buses that will be ready for road trials by August next year. Isro will provide the expertise for handling liquid hydrogen, which it uses with liquid oxygen to power the cryogenic engine used to launch heavier rockets. The fuel cells, which will be used to power the bus, are being imported from a Canadian firm, according to Isro.

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