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Comment Re:Messed up morality (Score 1) 168

You seriously think patent trolls are as bad as genocide? Slavery? Premeditated murder?

You are claiming I've wrote things I didn't write. That is another evil, not pure evil tho.
Genocide: the people at Wannsee Conference very clearly and methodically planned genocide, planning similarly to patent trolls: pure evil
Slavery: slavers also reason it all out how to do it so they can keep other humans in perpetual slavery. More pure evil
Premeditated murder: another thing where someone carefully and rationally plans out an evil deed. Yet another pure evil

Raping and murdering a girl: even when the person actually plans carefully and all, e.g. a serial killer, he is still totally batshit insane and does it for insane reasons. Or the person does it at a whim of sorts, not planning not caring for the consequences. Evil and of course stupid, but not pure evil.

Pure evil requires forethought and actualy knowledge, before the deed, to know it's evil. "I do a bad, evil thing, but I do it anyways and to the best of my abilities I do this evil thing". That's pure evil instead of normal evil.

Comment Re:Is THAT really "pure evil"? (Score 4, Interesting) 168

I kinda disagree.
A murdering rapist is a totally batshit crazy insane individual. So far off the reservation there is not even a planet in sight. No standard of behaviour can be expected from such a person. Probably cannot really comprehend what he's doing.

A patent troll however is a totally sane and calculating individual according to any textbook. However he does his actions anyways. That is pure evil.

Batshit crazy vs. pure evil.

Comment Re:Yeah right... (Score 1) 182

No. Intel fabbing advantage has been shrinking lately. Back when Intel was doing 22nm, everyone else was still at 28/32nm for 2 years or so, if not longer due to skipping 22nm by others, before they caught up with Intel tech.

Right now, Intel is at 14nm while the competitors (mainly smartphone CPUs) are too. AMD took ages to get away from 28nm, only doing it now with Ryzen due to their abysmal CPU design probably.
So ~2012 Intel was way ahead. Nowadays the competitors took longer to get to 14/16nm than Intel, but they are still there at the same time as Intel. Intel of course touts "we have smaller gate lengths than the others!". It might even be true, but they still have lost advantage. Back then when they had the advantage, they didn't make 4 CPUs from the same process either: the did a brutal, fast tick-tock model shocking everyone. As the article itself touts: smaller structures still give you monetary advantage: you can produce more chips per same wafer. So the correct way to maximizse profits would still be to use the smaller process if you can. And Intel can't.

Comment Re:...discontinued Google TV. (Score 1) 161

It's normal Android ransomware. "Good" ransomware doesn't care on what Android it runs, be it your phone, tablet, TV, smartwatch or car: it's all the same system, same API. Since that old software in this old TV never got any security updates by the manufacturer, it was probably much easier to root for the malware to install itself very deepy into the system too.

Comment Yeah right... (Score 3, Insightful) 182

Moore's Law isn't dead, that's why Intel already has the 3rd 14nm CPU family and is planning another one, Coffee Lake, in 14 nm before moving on to 10nm.
Intel isn't making 4 different CPU families on 14nm cause the process works so well and is so cheap.

First 14nm, Broadwell, was released 2014, released abysmally late and very underperforming, and the first 10nm is expected to be released 1h 2018. They may sample a few trial wafers in 2017, but there won't be a chip sold. 4 years is not what Moore's Law promised back then, and the Tick-Tock model is totally dead and buried as well.

This IEEE Spectrum rag sounds worse like Popular Mechanic with that much paid cheerleading bullshit.

Comment Not quite (Score 5, Interesting) 113

Cyanogen Inc. the company is dead and bankrupt. Good riddance. This has of course repercussions for the community project cyanogenmod as well. Especially for the name "cyanogen" itself, which belongs to the company but also infrastructure like servers which were used by the community project.
But the people behind cyanogenmod, the ones doing the actual work for many phones, not the guys who wanted to simply sell that work, will continue:

A quote from a blog entry at
"Embracing that spirit, we the community of developers, designers, device maintainers and translators have taken the steps necessary to produce a fork of the CM source code and pending patches. This is more than just a ‘rebrand’. This fork will return to the grassroots community effort that used to define CM while maintaining the professional quality and reliability you have come to expect more recently."

So the name cyanogen/cyanogenmod is dead, the project itself is hopefully not.

Comment Irrelevant (Score 2) 37

Bittorrent will not supplant current methods. The transmission costs are marginal. What costs the real money are the right to transmit, ie. licensing fees. Only for "free" content, the transmission costs matter, things like youtube or as here, public channels, shopping channels, etc. ie where the content is free or pretty much worthless.
Besides: streaming via bittorrent exists for quite some time now, but as all things bittorrent which is at the actual technical edge, it's streaming illegal content: Popcorn Time streams movies, tv shows, etc. for at least 2 years now.

Comment Duh! (Score 5, Insightful) 185

Any soviet defector will be in contact with US intelligence aka FBI until the rest of his life, even if he never ever sees them or speaks to them
That's their fscking JOB to monitor former agents of another country. So Snowden has no influence whatsoever that he is under permanent surveillance of a counterintelligence agency. Snowden telling them "I was subcontracted to the NSA" is "intelligence", nothing surprising about that.

Comment Re: Is anyone surprised about this? (Score 1) 147

They have, but they have to have their own geek advising them about it. You will need to sacrifice convenience and possibly even invest some money: buy a used notebook as a computer which deals with the protest using Veracrypt, leaving your normal desktop for other things. Buy a 2nd used phone (less than hundred bucks) with prepaid for the protest only and run CM on it with encryption. Don't use any western companies for messaging. If you can't use decentralized messaging, then use ones in countries like Russia, China or 3rd world. Use normal services like facebook only as PR and as a gateway to the inner network. These are all easy things to do, even if less convenient than normal.

These things are not rocket science but they increase the difficulty for attackes by magnitudes.

Comment Is anyone surprised about this? (Score 5, Informative) 147

By now it should be public knowledge for any protester against any government that their personal communication devices and the communication itself will be always under attack. Whoever goes to such protests and especially anyone who is networking with others about it, needs to encrypt all devices and all communications. Not just at the protest itself but in their private life too. One is always under threat to get arrested. If one is arrested the cellphone is the first thing confiscated and of course tried to access. Any US protester who uses US communication services like google, whatsapp, facebook for anything is simply a dumb fool. How many NSLs have been granted wrt Standing Rock already?

Governments infiltrated protest movements 50 years ago with COINTELPRO including assaults on people, did the same in the 90s cross border in Europe, fathered children with activists even and now of course will attack all communications, in meatspace and online. Attacking communications is the first step since it's easy: they own the means of communication. Google hast to comply, since it's the law. They didn't change the amount of effort they will go to, they just changed their tactics. The amount of effort is comparable to spies going deep undercover, to live whole lives over decades to infiltrate, so eavesdropping on communication is a very small and minor step.

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