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Comment Capitalism unleashed (Score 3, Interesting) 495

What other major economic forces could account for this?

That one's easy. 1989/1990 also marks the end of the only large-scale, competing economic system to capitalism: socialism. Before, the stakeholders of capitalism had to prove that the masses benefit from it. This restriction is gone. Unrestricted capitalism benetfis capital, not people.

Comment Paper states 6 degrees (Score 2) 293

From the abstract: "the thermal maximum is characterized by warming up by 3-9degreesC in winter and by 2-6degreesC in summer". So 6 degrees in prehistoric times is the relevant temperature (plus 9 degrees in winter is much less than plus 6 degrees in summer) which we surpass quickly nowadays: http://siberiantimes.com/ecolo...

Comment Could be good news (without further information) (Score 1) 247

As long we're not treated by intelligent roboters, this seems unavoidable. Humans will always err. If treatment of cancer and heart diseases further improves, medical errors will be (in all likelihood) number 1 cause. So this seemingly shocking news might be a sign of advancement in medicine. Just playing devil's advocate.

Comment Re:Those are called sigils. (Score 1) 379

you got me on this one ... I wanted to reply that the Perl interpreter (with warnings enabled) would happily warn about it. But then I performed a short test: "this_is_a_perl_3012_keyword" doesn't trigger a warning, neither do "thisisaperl3012keyword" nor "this_is_a_perl_keyword" whereas "thisisaperlkeyword" does. Seems to be some weird promise: Perl keywords will never contain underscores or digits. Another distinction mechanism, hooray!

Comment How strong is DNA evidence after 18 generations? (Score 1) 212

There are at least 18 generations between the remains found and the existing potential relative. So they probably only share a 2^(-18)th of DNA. That's roughly 4 in a million parts. Admittedly, DNA isn't inherited randomly at the level of nuclear bases. Instead inheritance works on the level of genes (in my understanding). But those are only around 25,000. So, how many matching genes where found here? How much is this above random level?

Comment Re:Reminds me of back in the day (Score 1) 93

The policy in our university IT department was "login equals lastname" unless that one was already taken. (In that case, one or more letters of the firstname were prefixed.) Check and generation of accounts were performed by a home-brewn script. That script, however, did not check against system accounts. One day, a newly registered student, Miss Root, got a very special account ...

Comment Home-medicating a human right, too? (Score 1) 1324

From time to time we hear news about parents who do not want to get their children medically treated, even if they suffer of serious diseases. This is a human right, too, isn't it? The doctors in the hospital are all quacks, aren't they? I find the whole concept of parents determining childrens faith and beliefs questionable. Transporting values by giving a good example, ok. But forcing membership in a religion by dubbing the little lads before they even know what's going on? That's perverse.

Comment Use hashing algorithms (Score 1) 1007

I created a small shell tool for myself. I'm entering some characters and the tool performs a incremental search in a file containing login identifiers (e.g. kleinesRaedchen@slashdot.org). Then it asks for a master password. At its core the tool creates a login specific password like this:

PASSWD=`echo "${login}${masterpasswd}" | openssl dgst -ripemd160 -binary | openssl dgst -sha1 -binary | openssl base64 | head --bytes 8`

The password is stored in the KDE klipper for 20 seconds afterwards.

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