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Submission + - Chicago Mayor Says Decriminalize Marijuana (

LavishRadish111 writes: ...Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) said last Friday he backed a city council proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. The council is set to vote later this month on an ordinance that would decriminalize the possession of up to 15 grams of pot... ..."The result is an ordinance that allows us to observe the law, while reducing the processing time for minor possession of marijuana — ultimately freeing up police officers for the street," Emanuel said...

Comment Re:Democracy. (Score 1) 356

Look up what 'deciding' means. If, as you say, " wouldn't have mattered at that point" it's by definition not deciding. Besides, that woman provided a dishonest answer in itself. She said she "would have no moral objection to putting a bullet through his skull". What does that even mean? Was she going to put the bullet through his head herself? If so, why not just say that? Or is it that she won't object to someone else doing it? What if no one else had the courage? Or no one had the opportunity? All that BS instead of taking an easy route of denying Hitler power by casting a deciding vote. The more I read on libertarians' positions, the less I think they have anything in common with reality.

Comment Re:Democracy. (Score 1) 356

I followed the link you provided and read the following: ' ...a question was posed: "If you could have cast the deciding vote against Hitler, would you have done so?" I replied, "No, but I would have no moral objection to putting a bullet through his skull." ...' - this is simply beyond retarded, I can't take your position seriously any longer.

Plone 3 Products Development Cookbook 52

RickJWagner writes "This book takes an interesting path to teaching Plone 3 development. Unlike most software instructional books, it starts way back in the often-unread Preface by listing 10 requirements a mythical customer is asking the reader to implement in Plone 3. The requirements are realistic and I think would probably be quite a stretch for an inexperienced Plone developer. The rest of the book is dedicated to implementing those 10 features, and coaching the reader on Plone 3 development along the way." Read on for the rest of Rick's review.

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