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Comment Re:Good luck with that. (Score 1) 558

> This means that retailers themselves have to support Google Wallet as a payment method (just like supporting Paypal, Bitcoin, etc). If it doesn't support Google Wallet, then they can't bill Google. This guy has never used Google Wallet - or at least doesn't understand it in the least. GWallet presents a "virtual Mastercard" that the retailer charges. The retailer only sees the virtual mastercard, they attempt to authorize the charge against said virtual card, said virtual card instantly attempts to authorize the card that GWallet has picked as the underlying funding method. This happens incredibly fast - fast enough to make someone like yourself think that the retailer is somehow hooked into GWallet. Couldn't be further from the truth. To the retailer, every GWallet transaction from a single customer looks exactly the same no matter what card the customer has selected on their GWallet client.

Comment Re:So what's the difference? (Score 4, Informative) 568

Unfortunately the only plan available has but 500 anytime minutes. I think T-Mo/Google are a bit insane for this move. The phone is, IMO, targeted at power users and those with disposable incomes - the same market that talks a lot. I personally hit 1200-1500 anytime minutes a month. This 500 minute plan would be insanity for someone like myself.

Also, the 500 minute plan from T-Mo is $40/mo if you're not getting a Nexus but should you decide to grab the phone and the accompanying plan, you'll be paying $80/mo. What is the logic here?

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