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Comment Re:The answer: web based and cloud (Score 1) 179

I'll probably get moderated troll for that but it's pretty obvious to me:
Put your data into a (trusted) cloud and not onto the phone itself, use encryption on the way and you are as safe as you can get. The phone is only useful when connected anyway, so why should I have to carry the data on the phone?

The phones are useful when not connected because you have stored your important data on the device. Because cell phone coverage and WIFI are not ubiquitous, a phone connected to the cloud is essentially useless in the absence of a signal. I have visited places all over this country where a flare gun would have been more a effective means of communication than my smartphone, but I could still call up that important office document, pdf or diagram because it was stored locally on the device. Less secure, probably. More convenient, absolutely.....

Comment Re:Palm (Score 1) 396

Palm is wrong here, Apple is primarily a hardware company and uses iTunes, the App Store and OSX in order to increase their hardware sales. Allowing Palm to hack together support for iTunes in a competing product jeopardizes Apple's business model, they are right to fight back. THEN Palm goes and advertises iTunes support as a key feature of their competing device when it's nothing more than a hack talk about biting that hand that unwillingly feeds you.

Palm could have licensed support for iTunes from Apple and avoided this all together, but this is probably an indicator of where they are as a viable company right now. They have 1 relevant product and are exclusive on a carrier that runs a very distant 3rd as far as subscriber base. WebOS is very nice, but that IP just solidifies them as a prime target for takeover, they will not beat Apple at this game........


Space Sails Could Bring Used Rockets Back To Earth 76

GordonCopestake writes "An article from New Scientist proposes that all new spacecraft have sails attached to bring them back to earth — a measure that would reduce the amount of garbage in space. From the article: 'The risk to spacecraft from a collision with space debris could be reduced by equipping launchers with a gossamer-thin "sail." The idea is to deploy the sail after the rocket has released its payload to amplify the drag of the last vestiges of the atmosphere, and so force the rocket out of orbit.'" Wired has a related story about the risks faced by the space shuttles as they share orbits with tons of drifting space debris. "... in the 54 missions from STS-50 through STS-114, space junk and meteoroids hit shuttle windows 1,634 times necessitating 92 window replacements. In addition, the shuttle's radiator was hit 317 times, actually causing holes in the radiator's facesheet 53 times."

Chinese Subvert Censorship With a Popular Pun 272

Anonymusing writes "In spoken Chinese, 'grass-mud horse' sounds virtually identical to an obscenity (hint: it begins with "mother-") — and as a cartoon character, it has become an amazing phenomenon. Meant as a subversive attack on censors, the alpaca-like mythical creature has led to a cuddly stuffed animal — selling over 180,000 in a few weeks — and a wildly popular YouTube video with children's voices singing words that are either completely benign or incredibly offensive, depending on how you listen." Update: 03/13 09:29 GMT by T : Since this story was set up, the originally linked video seems to have been pulled. Searching YouTube reveals that there are some alternatives available, at least for now.

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