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Comment watches, clocks, non-24/7 TV, etc. (Score 1) 790

the ticking of a wristwatch, the tic-tok of a mechanical clock, the sound of static after a TV station signs off at night, that scrambled sound that I can best describe as a "barrage of laser guns" when trying to access Cinemax, and how about total silence (no cars, faint hiss of electric devices, machines) without "getting away from civilization" (i.e. camping)

Comment Re:C? (Score 1) 525

This. The nerve of that guy for bashing C, why I oughta...er-uh...I digress.

For a kid that is truly interested in learning to program, I see no need to waste time starting him off with a simple, beginner-minded language. Just start him off with C. Not only would it be beneficial for him in learning procedural and modular programming concepts, it would also benefit him in understanding how to work closely with the OS in an efficient manner, as C has become the de facto standard for system programming. Yes, memory management is much more involved in C than in many modern languages, but I feel it's important to understand the importance of efficiently using system resources, even in a day and age when we have more than 640 KB of memory with which to work; after all, don't many on this board lambast Windows and Firefox for being resource hogs. Heck, for C, just give him a copy of K&R's "The C Programming Language", and let him go to town.

Afterwards, give him exposure to more modern programming concepts with C++. For that, I recommend Bjarne Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming Language".

Comment Re:This is out of control (Score 1) 995

First of all, please provide links to where you acquired the above quotes; I'd like to read the articles containing those quotes for myself. If the above is true, it would be a travesty of justice if this man is convicted of any sort of murder. If the gun laws in Florida don't allow an armed person to shoot an unarmed person in self-defense and if the kid was truly unarmed, then, yes, Zimmerman doesn't stand a chance in court.

But, hey, where's the evidence that Zimmerman attacked this kid? That's what I'm seeing and hearing a lot of in the media, that Zimmerman was the one who instigated the confrontation. If police can't find evidence of this and if self-defense with a gun against an unarmed person is not a crime in Florida, then Zimmerman should walk (unless there's a law that he broke that I neglected in my argument). If Zimmerman doesn't walk based on the previously stated condition, then I think it's fair to say that authorities will have convicted Zimmerman only to prevent possible rioting; they will have bowed to pressure from the black community, and our justice system will have failed miserably.

"Where in here does it talk about him being a racist?" Simple. He's a racist because he's not black and shot and killed a black person. Also, as a previous poster pointed out, the media is trying to instigate a firestorm ALL for BIG RATINGS. I believe someone else has pointed out before that some of the media should be criminally charged if their warping of events leads to any rioting and violence that may ensue. Reform in the media has been long overdue.

Comment Re:Has nothing to do with "hate" or "like" (Score 1) 410

You know, I almost, almost, sympathized with the poster to whom you're responding regarding the notion that you were putting too much trust in our government...but I didn't because you're not doing that. I acknowledge that abuse in our government (and all governments in history) has existed. The other side to that is, yes, there are enough folks around keeping check (and able to keep check because of today's technology) on what our government does, and no one has been jailed for revealing that truth (as long as they were in their Rights and within the Law). For example, decrying the perceived existence of civil rights abuses by the City of Denver Police is well within one's Rights and well within the Law; however, doing this while attacking the City of Denver Police with vials of bodily fluids and while overturning buses and cars and while vandalizing public and private property is NOT within one's Rights and NOT within the Law (it's also immoral and incredibly stupid and heavily emphasizes the need for a police force to exist, if not for the protection of lawful citizens from fools, but also for the protection of those same fools from themselves).

It's sheer foolishness to decry elements from Orwellian works of FICTION, when there's no legitimate evidence that the government is "out to get us". Such paranoia should be a waste of one's TIME and LIFE. I'll admit, that every now and then, I worry that the rights of America's citizens are slowly being eroded away and that one day America could end up as a dictatorship (either from internal or external forces), but you know what, as of this moment, I have the freedom to express these thoughts because America is still a republic and a "sweet land of liberty", and again, there's enough of the rest of us to put a stop to such a dictatorship, such a complete loss of Rights, if that woeful day ever comes (and I will certainly not go down without a fight!). But now, I can go about enjoying my life during it's brief blink-of-an-eye existence in contrast to the eternity of my Lord.

Comment Re:knowledge is power (Score 1) 385

I agree. While I also agree with a previous poster who pointed out that notifying the original owner, if it's a large corporation or government entity, could probably cause one major, legal drama, whether or not you had any malicious intent, I do believe one has a responsibility to report this, and maybe, one should report this anonymously to that large corporation or government entity. Then again, either the corporation or government entity would probably have the means of tracking down the anonymous informant if it really wanted to do so. In short, if I were in this situation, I'd probably just anonymously inform Newegg. That way, the ball would be in Newegg's court to choose whether or not to take a serious look at their policies on handling any refurbished equipment. On another note, I was in a similar situation when looking for a rental home recently on Zillow where I came across a possible scam that should probably be reported to Zillow; however, lazily, I have yet to do so, though if one has any common sense, one won't fall for this scam.

Comment I Highly Recommend (Score 1) 581

Dr. Wily's Easily Defeatable Robot Masters, Inc., if you need 8 robot masters with blatant weaknesses to be defeated by Mega Man as you fail, yet again, to take over the world! Dr. Wily's UFO escape pod is not included.

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