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Comment Re:Assange is a punkass (Score 1) 401

I agree. Assange has said on TV that he has dirt on Clinton that he will release in due time. If he has it why not release it now? It has to be because he wants to time the release to do as much damage as possible to the Clinton campaign or he doesn't really have it. Either way, Assange is crossing the line from freedom of information fighter to attempted spoiler of a political campaign in service to his personal grudge.

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Journal Journal: US Defense using 8-inch floppys in a system that coordinates nuclear forces

The United States Government Accountability Office released a report "Federal Agencies Need to Address Aging Legacy Systems".


Comment It's called protecting America (Score 3, Interesting) 209

When they're looking at you, fine. But congress freaked out when the CIA was looking at THEM. It's fair to say they think rules are great for us, but they should be held to a different arbitrary self made standard when it comes to applying the law to themselves:

Comment How about the F-35 boondoggle ? (Score 1) 506

Like the Healthcare and Finance reforms, this is a step in the right direction, but we should be doing much better (thanks, Republicans) The F-35 is already way over budget and it is predicted to cost 1.5 trillion over the planned lifetime, This is for a tool that barely works. The brilliance of the evil plan was spreading production to almost every state so each one will have a stake in the pork.

Comment Headline should have read (Score 5, Interesting) 509

"NSA Director Keith Alexander, testifying before the Senate this week admitted he's not qualified to protect us from terrorism." He said " I have a limited imagination and can only come up with one illegal solution to the problem". This is despite the fact that many terrorist plots have been discovered without violating rights, and his spying solution has failed to stop others. All he has is a hammer so every problem looks like a nail.

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