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Comment Re:Impossible to imagine (Score 1) 197

I think actual blindness since birth has been proven to work like you would have expected this to work, that is, your brain is not capable of interpreting the signals even if they can be made to occur/reach it. (I guess it must have to do with age though, I can't see - no pun - why a six-months-old wouldn't be able to learn to see.) If this is so, apparently knowing how to see is of a different order of magnitude than what colors you see. Anyhow, it would be truly amazing to hear from an ex-colorblind person about the experience of seeing a to him completely new color.

Comment Re:2-dimensional time? (Score 2, Interesting) 113

Imagine being on a spot in spacewise 2-dimensional universe. One kind of time could be like moving within this area, time passing, the other like not moving spacewise but only timewise, so that you'd walk through the "absolutely" same spot, but through time, not space. Imagine popping from frame to frame in the Game of Life-simulation, not moving sideways but only to the next frame, and the next. I dunno if this was clear though...?

Comment Re:metamaterials are just periodic structures (Score 3, Insightful) 113

Perhaps two dimensions of time is like you could go not only forward and backward in time (not that you can), but also up and down, moving "within" what we now think of as a unit of time. I can imagine such a concept could come in handy to explain mysterious things like action at a distance (gravity, QM).

Comment Re:It's not the typing (Score 1) 494

I used to be a grammar and spelling Nazi, which probably was a symptom of my obsessive compulsive disorder. Now that it is taken care of (medicated), I write worse, spell worse, make homophonic mistakes etc, and do not care so much about whether other people write properly or not. Years of typing made no difference at all though. But being a grammar and spelling Nazi may, I take from my own experience, be about being undiagnosed, not about being correct.

Comment Re:ten thousand years (Score 1) 398

"external force trying to achieve these alterations by exerting absolute control over breeding""

That force could very well be a change in the environment. That is, there is no need for any conscious control or Controller (Designer). Evolution is slow when there is no need for it, but death to the unfit makes change happen pretty fast.

Comment Re:Devolution? (Score 1) 398

Well, as they are able to reproduce they are not less robust. Things have changed. Survival of the fittest doesn't mean survival of those who go to the gym but survival of those best fitted to the environment in which they live. Surviving into an age where you can reproduce yourself is ALL that counts. THAT's evolution.

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