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Comment Re:Probably Apple (Score 2) 59

There is no chance that Intel would rent out its best fabs.

The reality is that Intel has a growing number of out-dated fabs that are not utilizing full capacity, and it wants to sell time on those.

Not really... The Altera announcment was on 14nm Tri-Gate, which is not exactly out-dated, more cutting edge.

Comment FPGAs would make this trivial (Score 2) 163

Easy - Make the heart of the system an FPGA, and in the scenario of the device being lost / obtained / dropped either:

(a) Erase the FPGA prom and reset - this would cause the FPGA to lose its configuration data, and no longer function without a rebuild
(b) Assuming that they are using bitstream encryption, delete or burn out the key - again, the device would no longer program.

Comment Re:And what are you supposed to remotely?? (Score 1) 1134

I assume your second command was meant to be recursive, which would not be a very good thing to do at all.

If not, you've not moved them just copied, apart from the root directory.
If so, congratulations. The sound no longer works on my favourite game/application.

I suspect getting that little search dog to find my music files off of c: and listing them / drag drop would be no slower, but agree, in most instances commandline will be more efficient.

Comment Re:The end of subsidised handsets. (Score 1) 291

I disagree,

The subsidy is clawed back by the providers by (length of the contract) x (price per month). Surely it would not make a difference to the subscription income during the course of the contract, as the monthly bills are mandatory.

What it will affect is attrition after the contract finishes. With no network lock, changing providor is just a sim card away, also could affect roaming charges, if consumers opt for a local PAYG sim when on their hols/business trips.

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