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Comment Re:Incredible (Score -1) 957

Damn, I got no karma, but what the hell...

This happened to me and my brother while in Mexico. Point 6 became:

*smile* *calm gesures* Oh, in the UK we have an on the spot fine for that, who do I pay? *look round like an idiot*

We got some shifty looks from the police, then two of them waved their guns at us (this was my first and last experience of guns) then emptied our wallets.

We went back to our appartment and got shit faced on tequila.

I can't remeber who gave me that stupid 'who do I pay the fine to' advice, but it worked like a charm. I owe them a beer.

Comment Crash (Score 1, Informative) 395

I've been using the pre alpha nightlies, then the alpha then betas and finally tried RC1

This crashed as soon as it started up

RC2 shows a web page but crashes as soon as I click on anything...

I'm using XP which is up to date with all patches. I know most tricks on how to get FF working... but I am stumpted as to why both RCs are so fucked on my computer. I've had to revert back to FF2 and I miss the URL bar and tagging :-(

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