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Submission + - SPAM: New Moto Mods on the way

kiwix writes: Motorola is working with makers to bring new mods to the modular Moto Z family. After the Transform the smartphone challenge, they have selected a few mods that will receive funding and support, including an e-paper secondary screen and a solar charger.

My personal favorite is the slider keyboard, ideal for writing long emails, or hacking on the go. The projects are also looking for crowdfunding on Indigogo, so support them if you like those ideas!

Engadget reports:

In its continuing bid to stay relevant in a competitive market, Motorola is trying to build up a community of hardware designers for the Moto Z's modular add-ons. Yesterday, the company brought together several winners of regional hackathons to a pitch event in Chicago, hoping to find the best of these innovative, indie creations. The judging panel — which includes execs from Lenovo and Verizon — selected two teams for up to $1 million in investment funding from Lenovo Capital, as well as eventual distribution by Verizon.

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Submission + - Physical Keyboard Mod For Moto Z (

kiwix writes: If you miss the smartphones with a full QWERTY slider keyboard like the Nokia N900 or the Motorola Droid, there might a new option on the market soon... An Indigogo compaign want to bring the keyboard back as a Moto Mod, an add-on for the modular Moto Z phones from Motorola.
Blackberry also announced the KeyOne recently; is it finally time for the comeback of the keyboard?

Comment Re:Are two hashes better than one? (Score 1) 143

Finding collisions in MD5 and SHA-1 simultaneously is only marginally harder. Using Joux's multicollisions, you can finding a collision in both by running the SHA-1 attack 64 times: this defines 2^64 messages colliding for SHA-1, and you can locate a collision by evaluating all those hashes (wich costs less than finding the SHA-1 collisions with the current attack).

Comment Security concerns (Score 1) 327

This all networked car thing is a disaster waiting to happen. The basic idea that your car will make important decisions based on information sent by random strangers can only lead to a catastrophic failure.

What happens when someone sends a signal saying that there is a car stopped just in front of you in the highway? Your own car will stop suddenly, and you might get hurt in the process!

Of course, there will be some kind of authentication of the messages, but everycar has to be trusted by default for the system to be usefull. And we all know how easy it will be to extract the signing key from a given car and to spoof messages...

Comment Re:Speed versus complexity (Score 1) 406

You and the other poster seem to be forgetting ONE thing, which is nobody gives a shit how low the power draw is if it can't do what they want and what people WANT is MOAR, MOAR HD, MOAR games with MOAR graphics, MOAR MOAR MOAR.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't give a shit about how much I can do with my phone if it draws too much power. If the battery can not last at least ten hours on idle, a phone is just useless.

Comment Re:Forget computers, they're extraditing the perps (Score 1) 105

So after they do their time in the US they're going to be judged in each country where a machine was infected? That's fucking scary!

And if I have a website explaining people how to use TOR, and it turns out that explaining this is illegal in China or in North Korea, will I be extradited to those countries?

Comment Linux Falsh support has allways been shitty (Score 1) 404

Flash support for Linux has always been pretty bad. Most people switched to a 64-bit distro years ago, but Adobe has only supported flash on 64-bits Linux for 6 months... Sure there was a beta version available some time before, but security holes where not fixed in a very timely manner for the beta, so it was mostly useless. In fact things are just going back to normal.

Comment Re:the information has been PUBLICALLY presented.. (Score 1) 273

Moreover, the virus does not seem like a very good weapon to me as it is simply impossible to control or contain its propagation once released. This is the reason why modern armies do not use gas for instance.

The threat we are currently worried about is not a modern army, it's a bunch of crazy terrorists. They don't need to control the propagation.

Note: I'm not saying that we should be worried about terrorists plots, I'm just saying that, as a society, we are.

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