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Comment Patent lifespan is unnatural. (Score 1) 134

They should have reasonable length. Coming up with an idea doesn't forbid others to come up with same one, and tendency of that happening increases with appropriate developments. Thus many genius methods become a self-evident norm, not only because we have (if we do) an example. Patents should become obsolete under certain conditions, like current topic ("everyone" does 3d printing these days, and such ideas doesn't require being a costly educated specialist anymore) and their huge lifetime is obsolete long ago, with increasing speeds of communication compared to when they first appeared. There's a difference between protecting the inventor and creating a cash cow, which in turn is bought by someone anyway.

Comment Protect it! (Score 1) 316

Why not create a fund to protect the internet specifically against legislation!? There's not enough people having free time to read new laws or care what UN thinks. But there's enough caring about it and there are some willing to act. Unite and fund those willing. Crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding has proven to work. It's in your hands. For small instance a fund could present a worldwide poll to UN proving that regulations would be against will of general public, not mentioning long-term attention to situation. Do something for f*s sake! Kick-start it! It's a chance to live green and do the right thing at the same time. Or should it be me? I would donate, I'm sure many would. Even by penny, together we have more money than any company.

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