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Comment Re:Sigh. Consparicy theorists (Score 2) 197

You mean to say this admin !admin account doe not work on the Telnet/HTTP/FTP network services that are enabled by default on a MSA2000?

The admin/!admin account are the documented defaults in the manual, just like monitor/!monitor.

I don't know about the G3 but, on my MSA2000 G1's, I have been able to disable the "admin" account privilege (admin/monitor/disabled) and added my own admin account with a secure password.

(Technically the G3's are a new OEM (LeftHand ), so it is possible this is locked, but I don't think so)

Comment Re:How Cheap? (Score 1) 370

Same here.

I pay just as much for a usenet subscription and a usenet search service as I pay for TV.
But with the Usenet option, I consume a lot less content than TV broadcasts.

I would guess that my payment for a handful of series outweighs the advertising revenue of downloading the episodes.

Comment Re:As a former employee of one of those companies. (Score 1) 181

Just a note about those silly Cisco switches:
Servers have holes in the front and acbk to facilitate cooling. They can do this because the boards can be oriented in a way to facilitate this.

Cisco Rack enclosures have high-density blades in the front(no roon to breathe) and a sizeable backbone in the back (A wall of PCB).

Due to the hotplug nature of the blades, the backbone has to be mounted at the back (instead of using riser boards like in computers). The only other way to have it at the side is by making the server open at the side, like HP9000 computers. This means that every HP9000 rack has to stand alone to facilitate removal of the side panels (the servers are too heavy to slide out). You do not WANT be able to slide a Cisco 6500 out, because it usually has hundreds of cables attached.

The blades, being solid in form, do not facilitate vertical cooling, either.

This design leaves only one possible directioon of airflow: horizontal.
And, yes, it has cost a friend of mine a core-switch when the cooling gave out (there were 3 of them stacked side-by-side).

Comment Re:Don't rely only on system restore (Score 1) 449

Let me know when a popular Linux distro supports bare metal backup and a snapshotting filesystem with the ability to "go back in time" to a good state, I look forward to that day.

I'll admit that Linux does not intelligently discern when your system has been successfully booted, but:
a/ Bare Metal Backup
Ever heard of 'dd', 'dump' or 'tar'?
They make a binary, filesystem of file backup of your system, respectively.

b/ Snapshotting
You mean like LVM snapshots?
As a general system, they provide copy-on-write snapshots for any block device, be it filesystems or Virtual Machines.

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