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Comment Re:VoIP is wide open for just about anything (Score 1) 36

What about SRTP and ZRTP? No segregation is needed for these to work (Will work also over the internet automatically using these encryption methods between supported endpoints). Also there are solution for companies which can handle encryption transparently such as the mizutech voip tunnel.

Comment Re:SIP vs skype on the desktop (Score 1) 79

> they bring absolutely nothing new to the table. they are using the open SIP protocol. this can be a big advantage > No webcam support you are wrong. HD quality video is there > Windows only yes in case of mizuphone. there are other alternatives for other platform (and all sip client can communicate with each other with no problem. can you make call from yahoo to skype?) > Proprietary. there are also opensource sip applications skype is also proprietary >Costs money Yes, if you buy from mizutech. but from voip service providers you can download it for free >the GUI is kinda ugly work in progress

Comment SIP vs skype on the desktop (Score 1) 79

The main problem is, that there is no much SIP based competition for skype on the desktop market, so they can acquire a big market share quickly with this movement. Most of the SIP based softphone looks like from the past century. There are a few good softphone that could be a viable solution near skype, for example Mizu softphone http://www.mizu-softphone.com/ but unfortunately near skype/msn/yahoo marketing there is no much chance to become popular for small companies.

Comment Re:Can we wikify this? (Score 1) 180

I am a developer for Mizu softphone ( http://www.mizu-softphone.com/ ), that is a VoIP client which are used by several providers around the world. 2 from 3 of our customers ask for "modified" version because their ISP block VOIP. And we are giving out our voip software with random port changes, TLS/SRTP encryption or just some proprietary encryption and VPN tunnel capabilty. I don't really understand, how they think their tricks can restrict VOIP. The article say: " the restriction on ISPs to connect directly to international carriers". But as i know, global carriers has endless list of IP addresses :)

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