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Comment OS X (Score 2) 611

Having spent many years deeply entrenched in Linux, I got sick of keeping up with the forks, design shifts, and general flux of the desktop environment. I migrated to Mac and haven't looked back. Well, I guess I have looked back. I occasionally run new Linux distro releases in VMWare to see how things are shaping up...only to have my move to OS X validated.

Comment Seems fine to me (Score 1) 488

I've been using it on my 5 for over a week now (I installed the GM shortly after it was released). Since I installed it pre-release, I did a restore instead of an upgrade. I've had snappy performance and great battery life. I suggest backing up and doing a restore.

Comment Re:The short version... (Score 4, Informative) 233

I RTFA'ed. The short version seems to be:
1) Icons and dialogs are "flat" (similar to Windows 7, etc.)
2) "iOS 7’s animations are the kind that will prompt an 'ooh, neat' upon first use and then a slowly increasing sense of frustration as you begin noticing that trivial tasks take just a bit longer than they used to."
3) There's more content on the screen when browsing because common toolbars are shorter or disappear when not in use
4) Safari's new tabs view is cool because it displays content on multiple tabs at once (think looking down from a 3d perspective on the old tab views)

5) settings page accessible from home screen
6) full multitasking and better app switcher.
7) User can turn multitasking off on an app-by-app basis and track cellular usage on an app-by-app basis
8) revamped camera and photos app
9) revamped calendar app)
10) revamped notifications and alerts
11) all sorts of API improvements, the benefits of which will only become apparent when apps start to implement them right
12) revamped app updates

A few more off the top of my head...

13) Massively improved Siri (in a week's use, she's only misunderstood me a couple of times, she responds almost instantaneously, her results are much better, and her voice is much improved--and she's out of Beta on Apple's website)
14) App auto-updating (yes, realize this is an Android catch-up, and is somewhat a dupe of (12)...)
15) Handy new back gesture
16) Built-in itunes radio--handy for starting radio stations over Siri, such as while i'm on my motorcycle
17) Multi-page folders
18) Flickr and Vimeo deep integration
19) The ability to block numbers for calls, SMS, MMS, iMessages, FaceTime, etc.
20) Activation Lock
21) Apps popular near current location
22) Dynamic and Parallax wallpapers

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