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Comment Re:What's wrong with a goldfish? (Score 1) 132

I'm wondering how they got that kangaroo. There are strict export controls on live kangaroos from Australia. It's only allowed for non-commercial purposes, such as zoo exchanges, and even then I think they require them to be returned, like the Chinese deal with pandas.

Comment Re:That's like applying to be Canadian... (Score 1) 385

Where are your statistics supporting that? I don't know how you'd measure their popularity because there would seem to be quite a few different possible metrics, but if I were taking a stab I'd say Rugby League is more popular, based on the fact (/conventional wisdom) that the NRL is more popular in NSW and Queensland whereas the the AFL is more popular in Victoria (and I guess South Australia, maybe WA, too), but Qld and NSW together make up (just) over half the population of Australia.

Comment Re:Price fixing by camera makers push me there. (Score 1) 280

They can and would do this, but all accounting for reporting is done on an accruals basis rather than a cash basis, which means they record everything whether it's been translated into an actual cash gain or loss yet or not. If they have to report their profit in JPY then they would convert the value of their foreign holdings for accounting purposes, that doesn't necessarily mean that they actually make the exchanges in cash.

Comment Re:Hope MS does well with this phone (Score 1) 195

Try reading in bed while lying down without giving yourself a neck injury. There's no way lock screen orientation! That alone is reason enough for me to never consider a WP7 phone, I hate automatic rotation. In Android I have it turned off ~98% of the time and when I do want it I quickly toggle it on from the notifications tray.

I have a long list of other complaints about the OS, but it seems to me they mostly come into the same category: lack of choice, lack of options, lack of customization-ability.

Comment Re:Not a solution (Score 2) 123

Unless of course you set your settings to not allow tagging or just simply remove the unwanted tags. Or you could even request that the owner take down the photo if it's so embarrassing, and assuming they're not an adolescent they'd probably do it.

The hatred for Facebook here on Slashdot is really quite absurd, and not just a little ironic as well, given that people here usually criticize others for not understanding technology.

You can set the privacy settings how you want, sure they have defaulted to public in the past, but who here uses the default settings on anything without looking at the other options first anyway (and with government attention now they probably won't be making the same mistakes again)?

Certainly it can be a source of problems, but that's really only if you're stupid enough to share things that shouldn't be shared with a wider audience than appropriate. Think about what you share and who you share it with (normally a mantra for the /. crowd!) and you won't have any problems.

What you will have is a platform to connect with people you otherwise would be interested in but may not have the time/inclination to reach out to, a more efficient way of keeping up with those who you would have contacted by other means and an interesting way to pass time when you don't have anything to do/are procrastinating.

As for the "you are the product" people, well there's not much to do about them. You are correct, but also paranoid, egocentric and absurd. That's how the internet provides you with free content: ads. Targeted ads are more valuable so Google, Facebook etc collect data about you in order to provide you with ads.

What they don't do is sell your information, nor does anybody read it. Nobody gives a shit that you looked at looked at or did a search for abc, or 'liked' a particular page. Nobody is sitting in a server room at Facebook jerking off to your "private" (read: incredibly mundane) data, you thinking that is just egotistical. The only thing that cares about it is their ad-targeting algorithms.

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