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Comment The biggest issue for road safety is the politics (Score 1) 992

The most dangerous offenses on the roads are simply not enforced. Politics pressures officers not to cite people for the worst offenses because they are often the ones that people will fight in court and bitch about. Ask anyone who is on the job how popular they would be if they cited people for the following.

Failure to yield to overtaking traffic (keep right except to pass or speeding up to block a pass)
Obstructing the flow of traffic (people doing 10+mph below the posted limits)
Failure to maintain lane discipline (going over the yellow lines into oncoming lanes or violating adjoining lanes)
Failure to display traffic signals
Re-evaluation of license for being too old/feeble or generally incompetent at controlling a vehicle.

All of these are far worse than "speeding" and the politics is not in the favor of an officer who regularly enforces these statutes.

With well over a hundred thousand miles of driving in most of the lower 48, the mid-west highways seem to be the best as far as people driving with common sense. As you approach any city center or the coasts, this all goes to hell fast.

My local area, the damned towns have dropped almost any road that was a 45 limit to 25 now and it is so slow for the road conditions that it just encourages people to text and use the phone and fiddle with the DVD players. It's made things far worse. The limits are so slow that the drivers have even lower awareness for what they are doing...which is supposed to be driving their car.

Comment Re:I realise this is "News for Nerds"... (Score 4, Funny) 117

Instead of the usual commuter rail line, we've had to do some maintenance causing us to provide a single Yugo as transport for the NY morning rush.

After packing 25 angry commuters into the Yugo we left a few hundred thousand stranded on the platform, ping-ponging between the parking lot and home, completely confused how they would get to work.

In addition to that, unfortunately the Yugo couldn't handle the added weight of the passengers and the leaf springs shattered all over the ground. So the 25 passengers we initially planned for were left trapped, to die, inside of the disabled Yugo. They all starved in the days it took us to realize the Yugo never left the station parking lot.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and have upgraded to AAA Gold status to prevent any further future disruptions. This will ensure that at least 25 people will actually reach their destinations should this occur again, though they may need to ride on a flat-bed to get there.

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